Comfort Comes to Quality and Transportation in Bursa

Quality transportation comfort comes to Bursa roads
Quality transportation comfort comes to Bursa roads

The roads that have not been maintained for years due to the traffic density in Bursa get comfort thanks to the curfew. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has renewed the asphalt of Merinos - Acemler direction last weekend, has now started renovation works in the direction of arrival of the same road.

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made an intense effort in the provision of hot food, provisions and market needs, especially for the citizens who are affected by the epidemic, provides life to the main streets that have not been maintained for years by turning the epidemic into an opportunity. The Metropolitan Municipality, which turned the curfews imposed on the weekends since April 30 in the provinces covering 11 metropolitan cities and Zonguldak, into an historical opportunity, continues the asphalting works initiated in all the main arteries where it is not possible to intervene due to traffic load in normal time. At the end of the last 4 weeks, approximately 1 thousand tons of asphalt paving works have been carried out between T3, T42 tram lines, Setbaşı, Yeşil, Gökdere and Merinos - Novices, especially Mudanya road.

Second Stage Among Merino-Novices

Last week, when the restriction of curfew reached 3 days with the Labor Day, the Metropolitan Municipality, which was working in the direction of Merinos - Acemler, which is the direct vein of Bursa traffic, was renewed from the beginning of Merinos Novices, where the asphalt coating was made approximately 20 years ago. Aiming to make the best use of the ban this weekend, the Metropolitan teams started the work from the first moment the ban came into effect. Acemler - Merinos in the direction of arrival, on the one hand milling work, and on the other hand, asphalt paving work is done simultaneously.

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