Feast Arrives on the Roads in Bursa

Feast came on the roads in Bursa
Feast came on the roads in Bursa

While the roads, which have not been maintained for years due to the traffic density in Bursa, have gained comfort thanks to the curfews, the teams, which continued their work uninterruptedly on the days of Eve and Bayram, have completely renewed the direction of Gökdere - Merino.

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made an intense effort in the provision of hot food, provisions and market needs, has brought life to the main streets that have not been maintained for years by turning the epidemic into an opportunity. The Metropolitan Municipality, which turned the curfews imposed by the Ministry of Interior on the weekends as of April 30 in provinces covering 11 metropolitan cities and Zonguldak, into a historical opportunity, and asphalt paving works initiated in all main arteries where it is not possible to intervene due to traffic load in normal times, also on eve and feast days. he continued. In the last 6 weeks, Mudanya road, T1, T3 tram lines, Setbaşı, Yeşil, Namazgah, İpekcılık and Gökdere - The roads that have not been maintained between the novices have been renewed from the beginning. The direction of the Ankara road, whose arrival direction was renewed between Merinos and Gökdere last weekend, was also renewed by the teams descending on the field in the first minutes of the ban on the night of the eve. With the ongoing works on the day of the feast, Gökdere - between Novices was renewed in two ways.

We gave a good exam

Evaluating the pandemic process that started in the second week of March in terms of municipal services, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they gave a good exam both in terms of social services and routine municipality. Mayor Aktaş, who stated that they, as metropolitan, attach great importance to social aid issues to the disadvantaged and disadvantaged citizens in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, said: “However, life continues at full speed despite all measures taken in terms of health. For this reason, we have evaluated the curfews applied especially on weekends very well and renewed the main arteries that could not be intervened for years. In this process, I would like to thank all of my teammates who completed the work that would normally take months to work day and night.


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