Hygiene Support for Barber and Hairdressers

hygiene support for barbers and hairdressers
hygiene support for barbers and hairdressers

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will provide hygiene support to barbers and hairdressers, which will be reopened on May 11 in line with the circular of the Ministry of Interior. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Branch Directorate teams will disinfect the shops one by one.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has rolled up its sleeves for barber and hairdressing shops, which will start to serve again Monday, May 11 with the relaxation of the measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic. Teams affiliated to the Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control will disinfect all hairdressers and hairdressing salons for free throughout the province. The teams will start disinfection in each district from 11:08.00 on Monday, May XNUMX. Disinfection studies will continue at certain intervals.

Public areas such as public transportation vehicles, health institutions and police stations are regularly disinfected against the coronavirus outbreak.

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