Bandırma Ferry Goes Tomorrow

Bandirma ferry is going tomorrow
Bandirma ferry is going tomorrow

On the 19st anniversary of May 101, Atatürk's trip from Istanbul to Samsun with the Bandırma Ferry is revived on the internet. Bandırma Ferry, which will depart from Istanbul on May 16 at the "Route of the Century" event, will arrive in Samsun on Tuesday, May 19. The captain of this historical journey, İsmail Hakkı Durusu, was also not forgotten. Şehir Hatları AŞ commemorated with gratefulness and gratitude by visiting Durusu 'tomb at Feriköy Cemetery. In addition, İBB's May 19 celebration activities start tomorrow. Activities to be held online will take four days.

The historical journey of the Great Leader Atatürk from Istanbul to Samsun with the Bandırma Ferry has been moved to the virtual environment this year due to the epidemic. Within the scope of the “Route of the Century” event, Bandırma Ferry will depart virtually from Istanbul on 16 May and arrive in Samsun on 19 May. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor to bid farewell to Bandırma Ferry Ekrem İmamoğlu He will also attend and give a speech.

During this virtual journey, there will be information content, videos, interviews and concerts about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's journey to start the War of Independence.


IMM will celebrate May 19, which was gifted to the youth of the country by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and where national feelings were deeply felt, with programs and online events. The IMM Directorate of Culture is starting its special content, consisting of documentary, theater and film screenings, tomorrow. As part of the celebrations, the Beylikdüzü Youth Symphony Orchestra will give a concert at 14.00 and the IMM Orchestras Directorate will give a concert at 18.00. At 21.00:XNUMX, the movie "Dersimiz Atatürk" will be screened. The programs can be watched on the social media pages of the IMM Directorate of Culture and IMM.


In the 101st Anniversary of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's departure to Samsun, İsmail Hakkı Durusu, the Captain of the Bandırma Ferry carrying Atatürk and his 18 gunmates to Samsun, was not forgotten. Sinem Dedetaş, General Manager of Şehir Hatları AŞ, ferry captains Çetin Korkmaz, Bilal Rıfat Tiren and chief mechanic Ramazan Marangoz visited the tomb of Durusu in Feriköy Cemetery. After leaving flowers on the grave, they prayed for Durusu.


Making a short speech at the grave of Captain İsmail Hakkı Durusu, City Lines Inc. General Manager Sinem Dedetaş reminded him of his courage and expressed his gratitude and gratitude. Dedetaş said:

“On the 16th of May 1919, İsmail Hakkı Durusu had boldly took Atatürk and his fellow soldiers out of the 64 warships of the invaders in Istanbul. He struggled with the harsh waves of the Black Sea for three days and managed to transport his precious passengers to Samsun on 19 May. May 19, 1919 is the day our War of Independence began. As a matter of fact, Atatürk, who cares about today, chose May 19 as his birthday. We wanted to commemorate our hero Captain who passed into the history of the War of Independence and once again present our gratitude and prayers at the grave. ”


With the Bandırma Ferry, the name of Captain İsmail Hakkı Durusu, which takes its passengers to Samsun with its hard journey in the Black Sea for three days, still lives in one of the ferries of Şehir Hatları AŞ.


İsmail Hakkı Durusu was born in Kayseri in 1871. After completing his primary and secondary education in Zincidere City Boarding School, he graduated from Istanbul Heybeliada Commercial Captain School. Until 1922, when he retired, he served as a captain on different ships. He died in Istanbul in 1940. Ismail Hakki in the year adı1999 Durusu, Turkey was given by a ferry Maritime Organization.


The Bandırma Ferry was built in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1878. The ship, designed as a 279 gross passenger and cargo ship, was sold to Greece in 1883 and took the name Kymi. It sank in 1891 by accident. After being floated, it was sold to a foreign operator in Istanbul. The ship that passed the Turkish flag was called Panderma here. The ship, which sailed on the shores of the Marmara Sea, was bought by the 1910 Ottoman Maritime Company and its name was changed to Bandırma. It continued to serve until 19 after 1919 May 1924. In 1925, it was torn as scrap in the Golden Horn.

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