Minister Varank: 'We Will Not Allow Turkish Industry to Weaken'

minister we will not tolerate the weakening of the turkish industry
minister we will not tolerate the weakening of the turkish industry

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, noting that Turkey has a solid production infrastructure, "We will not allow the weakening of the Turkish industry." said. Noting that a revival is expected in the automotive industry as of mid-June, Minister Varank said, “There will probably be a transition from the unipolar world order to the multipolar world order in the economy, especially in the coming period.” he spoke.

Minister Varank met with members of the Vehicle Supply Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD) by video conferencing and addressed the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak on the automotive industry.


Touching on the effects of the epidemic on the global economy, Varank stated that the manufacturers, industrialists keep their pulse closely and shape the roadmap accordingly. Varank pointed out that no one can predict how long the effects of the shock will last, “Maybe the recovery will take a short time and we will return to our old order immediately. Perhaps the world will continue to struggle with a longer-term, years-long global crisis. It is necessary to be prepared for both scenarios, while minimizing the risks and making the most of the possible opportunities. ” he spoke.


From April Varank economic impact of the virus, indicating that Turkey begin to feel intensely, he said deepening of production losses in almost all major markets, especially the European Union. Varank said, “Naturally, this trend has also affected us. Turkey, this gives a successful test during the global crisis, I hope you will continue to do so. " said.


Noting that Turkey has a robust production infrastructure Varank, 'This is a critical period in the intensive care items, such as breathing apparatus where needed as we encounter all the world's supply shortage could produce in record time. Of course, this is not a coincidence. In 18 years; We built an R&D ecosystem from scratch, strengthened our industrial infrastructure and invested in trained workforce. May your heart be good cheer. We will not allow Turkish industry to weaken. We will implement policies that will keep production alive and increase our competitiveness even more. ” found in the description.


Explaining that the epidemic brought along different opportunities, Varank said, “Global companies are expressing the issue of moving their production centers. In the coming period, there will be a transition from the unipolar world order to the multipolar world order in the economy, especially in production. The center of gravity of economic activities will spread more balanced across the world. New centers will emerge, power balances will change. So the global pie is again and I hope that it will be divided more fairly. We should get our share from this division in the best way possible. We are with the industrialist. ” he spoke.


Pointing to the developments in the automotive industry, Varank said, “Foreign markets started to reopen. As of May 11, all of the automobile main industry factories in our country will have started their activities. As the main industry begins to strengthen, the supply chain will recover. Depending on the pace of the outbreak, we can expect a recovery in the automotive industry from mid-June. ” said.


Stating that they have 5 basic recommendations for the sector, Varank said, “First and foremost, you should ensure the health of your employees. We started to prepare a guideline document on the measures to be taken in industrial enterprises through the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). In this guide; We will include the steps to be taken regarding hygiene, infection prevention and control mechanisms. In preparation; We benefited from the opinions of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health, Doctors of Hygiene and sector representatives. We will complete the work as soon as possible and offer it to you. ” he spoke.


Varank noted that the second expectation is to be 'dynamic'. “With the revival in demand, the supply wing needs to function smoothly. Together with the main industry, let's plan the steps that will provide you with competitive advantage. Third, claim your own suppliers. Support SMEs you work with. When demand comes alive, their competence will empower you. Be sure to pay your suppliers on time. ” said.


Fourth, Varank stated that the localization rates should be increased, “Feel free to try new methods in production. Make the most of domestic resources. Never stop investing in innovation and people. Finally, invest in digital technologies. As the supplier industry, you have a digital projection of your work. Focus on applications where you can move your business volume to digital. Don't delay your digital transformation investments that will increase efficiency. ” used expressions.

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