Ministers husband, WHO Explained Turkey's Fight Against the Covidien-19

Covidien struggles facing her husband DSO to turkiyenin the anlatti
Covidien struggles facing her husband DSO to turkiyenin the anlatti

World Health Organization (WHO) General Director. At the information meeting, chaired by Tedros Ghebreyesus, Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca, told Turkey's fight with the Covidien-19.

The WHO weekly information meeting, which is organized with video conferencing method and broadcast live all over the world, was presented by General Director Dr. It started with the opening speech of Tedros Ghebreyesus. Pointing out that the countries are gradually starting to take the measures they have taken, Ghebreyesus said that it should be cautious about this issue and it is early for the measures to be lifted.

Minister of Health In his presentation, Fahrettin Koca emphasized that they continue to cooperate with all global stakeholders, especially WHO, at the highest level. Minister Koca said, “We have always underlined the need for a strong WHO. Solidarity is our most important weapon in the face of this unprecedented threat. In this process, we should put aside the conflicts and opposing views and focus on the solution first. After surviving these tough days, we must evaluate where we've done wrong together. ”

Ministers transmits the status of current cases in Turkey husband, they get successful results in treatment, he said that the slowing of the increase in cases and the death rate remains low. Minister Koca noted:

“The total number of tests we have done so far is 991.613. Our daily test number yesterday is 43.498. In this sense, I think we have developed a very important capacity. Thanks to the early treatment protocols, we reduced the rate of disease progression from pneumonia to 60% to 12%. In the later stages of the treatment, we did not rush for intubation and obtained positive results by giving the patients rapid flow oxygen therapy in the prone position. We achieved a significant increase in the recovery rates of non-intubated patients. In parallel, the death rate in patients undergoing intensive care has progressively decreased from 58% to 10%. Within the average of 44 hours, 99% of the contacts, i.e. approximately 455 thousand people, were reached with the radiation studies. ”

Minister Koca, with the structuring that Turkey has carried out in the health system for the last 10-15 years, will have the structural capabilities to respond to such a pandemic. kazanhe said he did. Drawing attention to the importance of health information technologies, Koca continued his words as follows:

"Measures were taken to Turkey has reached peak levels of the 30th day after the first death. Our country became one of the countries where the virus entered the latest, catching the peak in the early period. It has also been one of the low countries in Europe in terms of case-death rate. In order to maintain this downward trend, our country intends to continue the measures for a while. He will not be compromised by bleeding low figures. ”

After the presentations, the WHO Director-General received questions from the ministers of the member countries. Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, "WHO has prepared for a possible second wave?" asked the question. WHO will answer written questions from member countries.

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