Eurasia Tunnel's 3-Year Vehicle Warranty Pass Fee Will Be Paid In 1 Year

Eurasia Tunnel's 3-Year Vehicle Warranty Pass Fee Will Be Paid In 1 Year
Eurasia Tunnel's 3-Year Vehicle Warranty Pass Fee Will Be Paid In 1 Year

In the last 3 years, 470 million TL has been paid as a vehicle warranty toll in the Eurasia Tunnel. This payment is expected to be at least 2020 million lira in 400.

Sözcü According to the news of the newspaper İsmail Şahin; “The bill rises as the dollar rate rises in the Eurasia Tunnel, which is made with the build-operate-transfer model, causing millions of lira to come out of the Treasury's safe due to the pass guarantee. The vehicle, which is updated twice every year, is calculated as a one-way pass fee, 4.5 dollars + 8 percent VAT + 10-year cumulative US inflation increase (23 percent). IMM Municipal Council Member and Advisor to the IYI Party Local Administration. "If the dollar is permanent at the level of 7 lira, the Eurasia Tunnel car toll will be 2020 TL as of July 40," said Suat Sarı.


Noting that the toll fee was TL 2016 in 15 when it was put into service, Sarı said, “As the toll fee increases, the usage decreases. Since 25 million 125 thousand vehicles are guaranteed annually, the burden on the state increases after every raise. The company operating the Eurasia Tunnel for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 was paid 470 million TL within the scope of vehicle pass guarantee. For the year 2020, the company will receive a minimum 2020 million TL vehicle pass guarantee payment in 400 due to the decrease in vehicle transitions and usage due to the pandemic, ”he said. The foundation of the Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing project, known as the Eurasia Tunnel, was laid in 2011. The Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment (ATAŞ) company, in which Turkish Construction Center and South Korean SK E&C companies are half partners, built the project. The company will operate the tunnel for 24 years and 5 months. He will eventually hand over the tunnel to the public. A one-way guarantee of 35 thousand vehicles per day was given for the project. If the missing vehicle passes, the state pays the difference.


Dr. Good Party Suat Sarı pointed out that the number of guaranteed vehicle passes can be reached in 2, assuming that the number of vehicles increases by 2040 percent each year. Sarı said, “According to the calculation we made, the company investing 1 billion 245 million dollars will get a 2 billion 590 million dollars transition guarantee from the passing vehicles and 535 million dollars from the state. In other words, a total of 3 billion 120 million dollars will enter its safe. ”

Reminding that the state will receive a 25 percent transit fee for every vehicle that increases when the number of vehicles with 125 million 30 thousand years is exceeded in the contract, Sarı said, “It is not possible to reach this number with this hike policy. This account error should be returned as soon as possible. The loan repayment of the company must be undertaken by the state, the company must be repaid with a minimum profit margin, and the Eurasia Tunnel contract must be terminated by entering into force majeure ”.

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