Corona Setting for Shopping Malls ..! Nothing will be the same

Corona setting to shopping malls will not be the same as before
Corona setting to shopping malls will not be the same as before

Work is underway to reopen shopping malls that are closed due to a corona virus outbreak. Within the scope of the studies, it was learned that a certain number of people will open to shopping malls and there will be fever-measuring devices at the entrances.

In order to prevent the spread of the Korana virus epidemic, it has been reported that the efforts to re-open the shopping centers (AVM), which have been closed for a long time, are continuing, and measures to protect health together with security will come to the fore in the new period.

Sözcü According to the report of Erdogan Süzer, in the new period, X-Ray devices will be replaced by devices measuring fire from a distance in the shopping center entrances. The shopping mall security system will continuously measure social distance inside the building. Distance condition will be applied in the shopping mall.


International security company Securitas President Murat Kösereisoğl of Turkey, gave information about their health a priority in AVMs security measures to be implemented in the new era.

Stating that the security devices that are suitable for the new period are being tested in shopping malls and that some shopping malls are planned to be opened for testing purposes in Istanbul next week, Kösereisoğlu said that comprehensive arrangements for security will be implemented.

Kösereisoğlu stated that they are working to comply with the guide prepared by the Scientific Board as a recommendation for security officers.


Pointing out that private security companies will be responsible for providing health safety in addition to the services aimed at providing security in shopping malls in the new period, Kösereisoğlu said that the measures will start before entering the shopping mall, and that the body temperatures of the customers will be measured with temperature measuring cameras.

Kösereisoğlu said, “Heat measuring devices will measure the temperature of customers who stand at a certain distance and look at the camera, just like taking a photo, and report it to the security on the side. If the health problem is not visible and a mask is worn, entry will be allowed ”. Kösereisoğlu stated that they will increase the sensitivity of door detectors at the entrances and reduce the use of hand detectors.


Securitas President Murat Kösereisoğl of Turkey, a certain number of businesses in the shopping center customer's receipt and safe plans to extend the front, if it is decided to apply a rule such as the 10 percent that received up to 500 customers a shopping center at the same time 50 people, he said.

Kösereisoğlu said, “We will measure both the number of customers and social distance in video analysis in general areas in shopping malls. Shopping malls may no longer be free trips. The customer will leave the mall within a certain time and new customers will be able to login. ”

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