Announcement about the Procedures and Principles to be Followed in Shopping Malls

Announcement about the procedures and principles to be followed in shopping malls
Announcement about the procedures and principles to be followed in shopping malls

In the letter sent from the Ministry of Interior; While shopping centers have been operating since 11.05.2020, in addition to the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and the rules set by the relevant legislation; The procedures and principles to be followed within the framework of the evaluations made with the Ministry of Trade and the letter of the Ministry of Health, dated 09.05.2020 and numbered 149 regarding the measures to be taken in the Shopping Centers are as follows:


1. AVMs Between 10.00-22.00 will be able to operate.

2. In / will be found in shopping malls Employees, managers and customers must use medical masks / cloth masks people who do not comply with the use of masks and are not allowed to be taken to shopping malls. (In this context, especially the masks of shopping mall employees will be replaced with new ones as they get moist / dirty.)

3. Serving at the entrances / exits of the shopping malls security guards will need to wear goggles or face shields / visors with the mask (during their actual duty)..

4. Upon entry to shopping malls everyone (including employees) will have a fever measurement and the person (s) whose fever is found to be higher than 38 ° C will not be taken inside and directed to the relevant health institutions.

5. Customers coming to the shopping mall should be as soon as possible (maximum 3 hours stay inside.) It will be essential to shop and leave these areas.. In this context, posters, cinevision, announcements etc. are made to ensure that customers comply with the social distance rule and do not stay in the shopping mall for a long time. Necessary warnings will be made with methods.

6. In addition to the common areas of shopping malls used for sitting, waiting and resting, all chairs, armchairs and tables in the restaurant / restaurant and food and beverage areas will be removed.

7. Considering the issues specified in our Circular No. 21.03.2020 of 5760 Restaurants and restaurants in the mall will be able to serve as take-away and \ or takeaway. The feed and sowing floor where the shopping malls operate collectively. Social distance warning signs will be drawn at one meter intervals for customers who are waiting to place orders / receive orders.

8. Consultation, workplace entry, payment point etc. In places, social distance warning signs will be drawn to the said areas at one meter intervals against the possibility of ignoring the social distance rule.

9. Within the scope of our Circular No. 16.03.2020 dated 5361 playground / center, internet cafe, gianian dealer, cafe, cinema, sports center, Turkish bath, sauna etc. businesses and businesses As the implementation of restriction measures is continued, the activities of the aforementioned workplaces / businesses in the shopping malls will not be allowed.

10. During the coronavirus pandemic Concert, show, etc. in shopping malls. collective events will not be allowed.

11. Located in shopping malls barbers, hairdressers and beauty salonsIn the Circular No. 5759 of our Ministry, will be able to carry out its activities provided that the rules are followed.

12. The elevators in the shopping malls can only be used by our individuals with special needs. In this context, the areas where the person / persons should stop should be determined with landmarks in order to maintain the social distance in the elevator, with a distance of at least 1 meter between them.

13. Touch digital guidance systems, which act as a guide for finding directions of shopping mall visitors and how to go from their location to another place in the building (store, car park, baby care room, consultation, elevator, etc.) will be kept closed.

14. In shopping malls, car wash service and valet service will not be provided temporarily, while masjids will not be used until the calendar determined by the Ministry of Health..


In order to protect the social distance rule and prevent the spread of the epidemic, customer acceptance to the shopping malls / businesses within the shopping mall will be as follows:

1. AVM'lerin parking lot, warehouse, installation floor / room, manager / room, administrative offices, employee dining halls, fire escape etc. from the total construction area. after the customer-accepted areas are removed The customer can be accepted as one person per 10 m2 at the same time in the areas where active customer / visitor can be accepted. (For example, a shopping mall with a total area of ​​1.000 m² of active customers can have a maximum of 100 customers at the same time.)

2. Operating in the shopping mall each workplace to the total sales area (excluding the warehouse and executive room, including the remaining test booths), 8 person per 1 m², including customers and employees, will be able to accept customers. (For example, a 32 m² workplace can have a total of 4 people.)

3. Based on the approved architectural projects of the shopping malls by the municipal zoning directorates; The number of customers who can be found in the active use area of ​​the shopping center at the same time and the number of people who can be present at the same time for each workplace will be determined separately in accordance with the articles 1 and 2 of the Circular, and will be notified to the shopping center management and announced to the customers through any communication channel.

4. By shopping mall management, The total number of customers that can be accepted to the mall at the same time will be posted in a way that can be seen by everyone (in the form of banners at the mall entries) and this information will be available on the websites of the malls.

5. Banners, banners or signs showing the number of customers that can be accepted at the same time for the workplace will be hung / placed at the entrance of the workplaces in the shopping mall.

6. Based on the number of customers who can be in the same time by the shopping mall management, A system that will manage the entry-exit will be established in the shopping mall, when the number of customers inside reaches the maximum number, the customer / visitor will never be accepted. also Indicating the social distance in order to prevent the possible density that may occur in the entrance gates and at least one meter apart ground marking in a way that is visible to everyone It will be provided.

7. Measures will be taken to prevent mutual contact of customers in the entrances and exits of the shopping mall, customers will be allowed to enter from one direction and exit from one direction as much as possible, and direction markings will be made for this purpose.


1. To ensure personal hygiene / cleaning rules Hand sanitizer will be available in the mall and at the entrance of the workplaces.

2. Disinfectant that is not recommended for use by the world health authorities (World Health Organization, European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, United States Disease Control and Prevention Centers) due to its toxic effects. spray systems (applications such as disinfectant tunnel) will not be allowed to be used in shopping malls.

3. Revolving doors at the entrance of the mall and the bands of escalators inside, door handles, handrails and elevator buttons. frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned every three hours and necessary disinfection process will be ensured.

4. Especially the common areas in the mall The floors of the workplaces will be cleaned daily with water and detergent and special attention will be paid to the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (door handles, telephone handsets, table surfaces, etc.). In this context, the necessary disinfectant materials will be used to provide disinfection process.

5. In shopping malls cleaning of sinks and toilets; Certainly, disinfectant will be used and posters related to the use of duly hand washing and masks will be hung in the toilets..

6. In the toilets of the mall the use of hand dryers will be banned replace them disposable paper towels Will.

7. Liquid soap will be used in toilets and taps to reduce contact as much as possible, liquid soap units will be provided with photocell if possible.

8. The system required to open the main entrance / exit doors of the toilets without touching by hands will be installed as soon as possible..

9. Necessary disinfection will be provided by wiping the computer keyboards, telephone and other device surfaces in the workplaces with disinfectant materials.

10. At workplaces Workbench and payment terminal (post device, etc.) that the customers will contact / will contact will be cleaned / disinfected after each customer..

11. Shopping malls are offered for common use, wheelchair etc. used by our patients and individuals with special needs. vehicles will be cleaned / disinfected duly after individual use.

12. Used by many customers in the mall Hand disinfectant will be placed at ATM points / areas, and posters will be hung at ATM points / areas for customers to use hand disinfectants without touching ATMs.In addition, the highly contacted surfaces of ATMs will be cleaned / disinfected every hour..


1. Indoor air will never be used in the ventilation systems of AVMs, ventilation will be provided with 100% outdoor air.

2. AVM'lerin Air curtains on the entrance doors will never be operated.

3. Apart from central ventilation systems, air conditioning systems will not be used.

4. Ventilation will continue even when the building is not in use (at night).

5. The ventilation system's filters will be checked and replaced regularlySince the process to create an filter change aerosol is accepted, the personnel of the shopping mall will use the N95 / FFP2 mask, gloves and face shield, and the removed filter will be disposed of by double bag. Also, shortening the normal cleaning periods of air handling units is important at this point.

6. At the points where dirty air outlet is made, human passage will be prevented.


1. Hand antiseptic will be kept at the entrance of the workplace and at the safes (payment points) and the occupancy status will be checked periodically..

2. Pursuant to Article 2 of Part B of this Circular; If there are a specified number of customers in the workplace, a simple red colored cord / ribbon, plastic pontoon, etc. that can be attached by hanging from both sides of the entrance door to prevent new customer entry. the materials will be kept at workplaces or an alternative system will be established by the workplaces that can serve this purpose.

3. Customers who will wait outside the workplace, Ground marking with a distance of at least 1 meter between them to protect the social distance rule It will be provided.

4. The workplaces in the shopping mall will also comply with the rules published / to be published related to their sectors.

5. Customers will be reminded that they should not remove their mask inside the trial cabinet.

6. It is essential not to use trial cabinets and if required, each customer will be able to use the trial cabin for a maximum of 10 minutes. and after the customer leaves the cabin will be ventilated and frequently used surfaces will be cleaned properly.

7. In workplaces with more than two test chambers to ensure the necessary ventilation The test booths will be used alternately and to ensure the use of a full empty booth.(For example, the use of booths numbered 1,3,5 in the first time and 2,4,6 in the second time.),

8. Ultraviolet Ray Application to the Tried Productss; The European Disease Prevention and Control Center and the United States Disease Control and Protection Centers will not be recommended due to their harmful effects on human health. will definitely not be applied.

9. Allowing the same product to come into contact with different people trial products will not be promoted (especially make-up materials etc.), trial products will not be allowed to be used directly by customers. these products will only be used / tested (trial / tester perfume, etc.) by employees.

10. While marking a queue in front of the cash register, the places to be stopped will be marked with a distance of at least 1 meter between them.

11. To the customer in payments Reminding that you can make contactless payments with the card, it will be avoided to pay as much cash as possible..


In addition to the measures to be taken by the shopping mall management in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and related legislation;

1. By shopping mall administrationsConsidering all the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, such as the transmission of COVID-19 virus, its rate, and the effects of the disease in patients with chronic conditions, the condition and systematics of supplying materials, tools, equipment and usage, and systematics will arise from the responsibility of coronavirus precaution, control and monitoring. need for administrative structuring / assignment etc. Regarding issues; in A risk threat assessment will be made or performed in terms of occupational health and safety by a commission including a workplace doctor and a public health expert..

2. Employees need protective equipment / equipment will be provided by the workplace.

3. Diagnosed with COVID-19 or following due to being in contact with COVID-19 staff not to be employed for at least 14 days will be respected.

4. Among the working personnel; fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, etc. those with disease symptoms will be directed to the relevant health department immediately.

5. COVİD-19 by shopping mall administrations virus infection type, effects, precautions to be taken, hand hygiene, wearing a suitable medical mask, changing the mask in case of moistening or getting dirty, paying attention to hand cleaning while wearing the new mask is necessary. trainings will be given / given.

6. Of staffComplying with the rule of maintaining social distance and wearing a mask in recreational areas It will be provided.

7. Working in shopping malls and workplaces food of the staff will be distributed in the form of food, food presentations will be made with disposable materials (plates, forks, spoons, glasses, etc.)..


1. The shopping mall administrations will be monitored, monitored and monitored for compliance with the coronavirus epidemic, and ensure that any non-compliances are detected.For this purpose, for every shopping mall Coronavirus Measures Responsible (s) It will be determined.

2. The coronavirus officers will supervise the measures to be taken / to be taken, especially the precautions to be taken in the workplaces every hour, They will resolve the problems and inform the shopping center management about any additional measures to be taken, if any.

3. By the coronavirus officer / responsible The measures taken (with the daily inspection charts for each measure area, especially the control of the hygiene and cleaning measures taken) will be recorded with daily charts to be presented when necessary. To the security, health and cleaning staff working in the shopping mall about changing / new job descriptions, measures taken within the scope of coronavirus and what to do theoretical / practical trainings will be given.

4. Governorships, A five-person commission, including a public health specialist and mechanical engineer, will be established, and it will be checked (at least once a week) whether or not the shopping malls comply with the rules set out in the fight against coronavirus.

Completing the practices in a complete manner by showing the necessary sensitivity on the subject, the administrative fine will be imposed by the administration in accordance with the Article 282 of the General Sanitary Law, and the Turkish Penalty will be treated in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law in accordance with the status of the violation. It is importantly announced that the necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated under Article 195 of the Law.

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