Suspended Invoice Application is Coming to Life in Izmir

Askida invoice application is also implemented in Izmir.
Askida invoice application is also implemented in Izmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the “hanging invoice” application, which started in Istanbul, in Izmir upon the demand of the public. Water bills of families who have economic difficulties in the global epidemic will be paid with İzmir solidarity.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to support those who lose their jobs and income due to the coronavirus epidemic and struggle with economic difficulties in this process. Metropolitan Municipality, which mobilizes municipal facilities for families who need support and on the other hand, takes important steps in the name of urban solidarity, is carrying the “suspended invoice” application that started in Istanbul this time to İzmir. Those who cannot pay their monthly water bills and those who want to pay this bill will meet on the digital platform.

“Without Giving the Receiving Hand”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which established the solidarity network by saying “We Are” at the beginning of March to reduce the effect of the pandemic's economic crisis, broke new grounds in this regard. The solidarity campaign launched by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer with the principle of "Giving the hand will not see the hand," has grown as an avalanche. In this process, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Maskematics, support for producers, volunteer imece campaign, mobile market, free transportation and accommodation for healthcare professionals, free communication support between the ages of 65 and 18-20, support line to prevent violence against women and women's guesthouses. it was exemplary in Turkey. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer has now instructed to launch the “Suspension invoice” application of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu in İzmir. As of next week, the “Suspended invoice” application will start in İzmir and those who are in good condition will close their unpaid water bills via the internet application, especially those of needy citizens.

Thanks to Soyer to Imamoglu

Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that there was a demand from Izmir residents upon the growth of the campaign that started in Istanbul and said: “We have drawn an exemplary solidarity table since the first day of the emerging crisis. Our call to meet those who need support and those who need support has also gotten better than we expected. Tens of thousands of food packages purchased through the People's Grocery have been delivered to families in need and continue to be delivered. Similarly, since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, we have been the vehicle for the distribution of more than two hundred thousand iftar meals on the digital platform. We called for volunteer support to the fruit harvest to prevent the manufacturer from staying in the product branch due to the coronavirus epidemic. Hundreds of our young people came running. Our nurses, who do not settle for this, asked us to implement the “pending invoice” application to take solidarity to a new dimension. I am really proud of them. I would like to extend my thanks to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu, who has requested to take the initiative to pay the water bills of our nurses who cannot work in these difficult days and who cannot take bread to his home. ”

How will the application be?

Izmir residents who experience economic difficulties with the “hang invoice” application of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality are logging the İZSU invoices that they cannot pay. Those who want to support them can pay by selecting the invoice they wish on the same system. Within the scope of the application, the advertisement and advertisement tax debts of the tradesmen, whose workplaces were closed in this difficult period, and the economic difficulties were not paid, can also be paid with an artisan solidarity expected to be an example.

The pending invoice application can be accessed from the following link: to



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