Buses with Bicycle Transport Apparatus Commenced in Antalya

Buses with bicycles carrying bicycles were put into service in Antalya
Buses with bicycles carrying bicycles were put into service in Antalya

Metropolitan Municipality has broken new ground in urban transportation in Antalya. In order to integrate public transportation into 25 official plate buses belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality and to popularize the use of bicycles, a bicycle carrying apparatus was installed.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality put the buses with bicycle carrying apparatus into service in the city transportation both in order to support environmentally friendly transportation and contribute to the use of bicycles. Metropolitan Municipality will offer a comfortable and comfortable transportation to bicycle riders by installing a bicycle carrying apparatus on 25 officially licensed buses in order to expand the use of bicycles and integrate into public transportation. Antalya Transportation Inc. Appliances were mounted on the chassis of the buses in the ANTOBUS storage center. The buses, which have been assembled, started to operate in the city. Appliances with a capacity of carrying 2 bicycles at the same time will facilitate the work of citizens with its easy use.


The use of the bicycle apparatus is also very practical. The system, which can carry two bicycles at the same time, can remain closed in front of the bus without a bicycle. When a bicycle passenger gets on board, it is opened practically by the passenger. The user can start his journey after placing the bike in the transport zone. At the end of the journey, it is necessary to remove the bike and turn the device off. All these operations can be done practically in a very short time. How the apparatus system works is also visually and in written in the information notes affixed on the front of the buses.

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