Suspended Invoice Application Launched in Antalya

Suspension invoice application started in Antalya
Suspension invoice application started in Antalya

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcekannounced that they have launched a Suspended Invoice application for the people of Antalya who are experiencing economic difficulties. Stating that the payment system in the Suspended Invoice application, which is valid for ASAT invoices, has been opened as of today, Mayor Insect stated that he will pay the first 100 invoices himself and said, “We are always with our citizens who are in a difficult situation. We will get through these difficult days together," he said.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality launched the “Suspended Invoice” application for the citizens who had economic difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which affected the world. Within the scope of the application organized under the heading “ASAT Bills are Suspended Antallians Together”, citizens in need and aid volunteers will assist with an understanding that the giving hand does not see the hand of the field.


The needy of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality www.antalya.bel.t is By logging into the website, they can benefit from the Suspended Invoice application.

The needers who click on the Suspended Invoice application on the Metropolitan Municipality website enter their ASAT subscriber information into the system. After the evaluation made by the social inspection unit of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the invoice is suspended if deemed appropriate. Citizens who want to help those in need help the needy by making a payment by clicking on the "Get Invoice from Hanger" button and selecting one of the invoices with the amount to be paid on the screen.


Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin BöcekStating that since March 11, when the coronavirus epidemic began to be seen in our country, as a municipality, they have taken measures against all kinds of factors that may threaten public health, and said, “We have provided basic aid such as cleaning, spraying, disinfectant, mask production, food aid, hot meal aid for two months. We tried to be with our citizens who had economic difficulties, were unemployed and had a hard time. In this process, many of our citizens contact us with a sense of solidarity and share that they want to support our citizens who are in financial difficulties. This application, which was first initiated by our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, became an example and we also started it. By launching the Suspended Invoice Application, we bring together those in need who have difficulty paying their monthly bills, and our charitable citizens who want to meet these needs on their behalf.


Stating that these hard days will be overcome in solidarity, Mayor Böcek said, "Our benevolent citizens who want to help our needy citizens can pay by reaching the invoices suspended through the website of our Antalya Metropolitan Municipality." Stating that he will pay the first 100 bills that are suspended, President Böcek said, “As a country, we are having a hard time as a society because of the epidemic. The most important concept that this epidemic reminded us was solidarity and solidarity. We joined the needy by hand in hand with our solidarity platform and volunteer philanthropists, and we will continue to receive them. Such meaningful sharing is very important, especially during Ramadan. We will survive these troubled days together. ”


The Suspended Invoice application launched by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality aims to bring families and philanthropists into need during these difficult days.ıya-Fatura-Bırak The needy families, approved by the ABB social service unit, leave the bills they have difficulty in paying for the system, which can be accessed at. Everyone who reaches the same address contributes to solidarity by paying what they want from the invoices left to this system. Thus, a solidarity is developed in which the giving hand does not see the hand and the families in need are relieved to some extent.


Those who have applied to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality before and those who receive positive results will be able to suspend their bills without being evaluated. Those who receive social aid for the first time will be subject to social examination. Approved bills will be suspended.


Anyone who gives a budget will be able to show solidarity with a needy by receiving invoices on the same system. The beneficiaries who want to pay will be able to pay the invoice they want by filtering the amount from the Suspended Invoice system. Benevolent paid the bill amount from about seeing things no other information.

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