ALO 170 Mostly Stole For İŞKUR

alo he tried for most iskur
alo he tried for most iskur

📩 05/05/2020 13:14

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zumrut Selcuk, first coronavirus cases from March 11, the date of that seen in Turkey from April until the end of the process ALO 170, an increase of 160 per cent of incoming calls has announced that it has reached 4.8 million.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk stated that the public relations unit of the ministry works intensely, and that efforts are made to reach the service.

After March 11, 4 Million 830 Thousand Calls Arrived

before the appearance of the first cases in Turkey coronavirus between January 11 February 29 communications center of the Ministry of ALO 170 1.857.302 information that the call came that the Minister Selcuk, this figure has risen to 11 million after March 4.8.

ALO 170 Mostly Stole For İŞKUR

Considering the calls made to ALO ​​170, the highest demand was the institution İŞKUR. From 11 March to the end of April, the number of calls to İŞKUR increased by 417 percent to 1 million 623 thousand. Again, from March 11 to the end of April, 1 million 311 thousand 423 calls were made to the Social Security Institution.

About 372 Calls for Short Work Allowance

Minister Selçuk underlined that the highest increase was experienced under the title of Short Term Work Allowance. reached. Through our ALO 2 call center, companies are informed in the process of benefiting from the Short Work Allowance and applications are made correctly. ” made the explanation.

ALO 170 Called Day and Night, Provided 7-24 Services

Intense efforts were made to conclude the process of the citizens in a short time. ALO 170 contact center, which is called day and night, offers 7-24 services. Special attention is paid to incoming calls due to coronavirus. While the average interview time was 248 seconds with each citizen, the total interview time was 12 million 743 thousand 560 minutes.

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