KU-BANT Air Satellite Communication Systems are Ready for AKINCI and Aksungur

Ku band air satellite communication systems for secondary and reverse ready to work
Ku band air satellite communication systems for secondary and reverse ready to work

Ku-Band Air Satellite Communication System, which was initiated to meet the beyond-line-of-sight communication needs of Turkish Armed Forces aircraft and developed within the scope of its own-sourced R&D project, has been a success with laboratory and flight tests in line with the requirements defined in the project. confirmed in a way.

Satellite Communication System, which has already been developed for land and sea platforms, has been developed completely nationally for air platforms, and can be integrated into manned and unmanned aerial vehicles thanks to its modular and compact design, developed in accordance with military environmental conditions and EMI / EMC conditions. a structure. In this context, considering the needs of different platforms, two different system alternatives were developed, antenna size 45 cm and 53 cm. However, work is underway on smaller-diameter antenna solutions for tactical UAV and narrow body aircraft. In addition, with the software based Air Satellite Modem developed by ASELSAN by designing national waveforms for aircraft, high data rates are provided and a secure communication opportunity is provided with the crypto hardware on it.

“Ku Band Air Satellite Communication System” developed by ASELSAN with local facilities
“Ku Band Air Satellite Communication System” developed by ASELSAN with local facilities

Thanks to the Satellite Communication System developed nationally by ASELSAN, it is aimed to eliminate the foreign dependency existing in these systems. ASELSAN Air Satellite Communication System, designed and developed with domestic facilities, is ready for the task for the AKINCI Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System developed by BAYKAR. In addition, with the AKSUNGUR UAV Platform developed by TUSAŞ, a successful flight test was performed with a 45 cm antenna configuration during trial flights.

ANKA + and Aksungur the HGK and began the integration of UPS

The integration of Precision Guidance Kit (HGK) and Winged Guidance Kit (KGK) developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE for double engine AKSUNGUR and single engine ANKA + UAVs developed by Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TUSAŞ) has started. Gürcan Okumuş, TUBITAK SAGE Institute Director, shared the development on his Twitter account.

Emphasizing that our local ammunition is integrated into our local UAVs with our own software and algorithms, Okumuş said, “This skill will be a very important power factor in the field.”

ANKA + and AKSUNGUR Enters TAF Inventory

The domestic and national products of our country, which have been known for their success since the day they were produced, continue to support our Turkish Armed Forces in the Spring Shield Operation launched in Idlib. It will soon enter the inventory of ANKA + (Plus) and AKSUNGUR security forces.

Our country's domestic and national products make significant achievements in the Spring Shield Campaign initiated by our country after the abusive attack in Idlib. Our ANKA UAV System, which started to be used actively in the field of operation since the first hours of the operation and played an important role in the course of the movement, is known for its flights over 40.000 hours.

ANKA +, ANKA's advanced model, has reached the ability to carry more weapons with its increased payload capacity. AKSUNGUR UAV has 750 kg payload capacity. Our local UAVs will have more effective shooting ability thanks to the UPS and HGK integration. With the entry of AKSUNGUR into the inventory, the efficiency of UAVs is expected to increase even more. (Source: DefenceTurk)


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