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All About Adana Train Station
All About Adana Train Station

Adana Train Station or Adana Train Station is the main train station of TCDD located in Seyhan district of Adana. The station was put into service in 1912. Today it is home to TCDD 6th Regional Directorate and is the starting point of Adana Mersin railway and Adana Kurtalan railways.

The station serves the Mersin - Adana, Mersin - İskenderun and Mersin - İslahiye regional trains with the Toros Express, Erciyes Express and Fırat Express outline trains.

Adana Train Station covers an area of ​​approximately 450.000 m² in the central part of the city with its main building, lodgings and maintenance-repair workshops. There is Uğur Mumcu Square in front of Adana TCDD Train Station. This square, which is opened with three large pointed arches, has a large and high place, stands in the middle part of the station, such as a waiting room, tolls, information desk and a storage room. On the upper floor of the section on the left, there is a dispatcher, train station and VIP lounge. There are also lodgings to the left and right of the building. The station has three platforms for passenger trains.

11 train station located even on day mutual 28 train service It is made. Adana Mersin Train tickets are not available on the internet or on a future date. Therefore, you can obtain your ticket from the train stations on the day of travel. It would be advantageous to be at the station about 15 minutes before the train times, even with extreme intensity. Adana Mersin Raybüs flights is serving between Adana at intermediate stops.

Adana Mersin Train Line Route

Adana Mersin How long does the Adana Regional Train last?

The train ride from Adana to Mersin takes approximately 1 hours and 10 minutes. These trains operate every day between Adana and Mersin.

Adana Mersin Railway Line Train Stations

  1. Adana
  2. Şakirpaşa
  3. Martyrdom
  4. olive
  5. Newish
  6. Tarsus
  7. Huzurkent
  8. Tashkent
  9. Karacailyas
  10. Tırmıl
  11. Mersin

Adana Mersin Flight Schedules 2020

Mersin Tırmıl K.
Tarsus Newish Martyrdom Shakir
05:45 06:11 06:26 06:48
06:10 x 06:37 06:52 x x 07:17
06:30 x x x x 07:03 07:20 x x 07:48
07.00* x x x x 07:31 07:46 x x 08:11
07:30 07:56 08:11 x 08:35
08:05 x 08:33 08:48 x x 09:13
08:30 x 08:57 09:12 x x 09:37
09:10 x x x x 09:41 09:56 x x 10:21
09:50 x 10:17 10:32 x x 10:57
10:35 x x x x 11:06 11:21 x x 11:46
11:15 x 11:42 11:57 x x 12:22
12:15 x x x x 12:46 13:01 x x 13:26
13:00 x 13:27 13:42 x x 14:07
13:50 x 14:17 14:32 x x 14:57
14:30 x x x x 15:01 15:16 x x 15:41
15:10 x 15:37 15:52 x x 16:17
15,3 x x x 16:02 16:20 x x 16:47
16:25 x x x x 16:56 17:11 x x 17:36
17:05 x 17:32 17:47 x x 18:12
17:20 x x x x 17:53 18:10 x x 18:38
17:50 x 18:17 18:32 x x 18:57
18:40 19:06 19:21 x 19:45
19:25 x 19:52 20:07 x x 20:32
20:00 x x x x 20:31 20:46 x x 21:11
20:40 21:07 21:23 x 21:47
21:30 x 21:57 22:12 x x 22:37
22:30 x x x x 23:01 23:16 x x 23:41

Adana Mersin Train Hours

Access to Adana Train Station

Adana station is 2 km from the city center. The closest metro station is 400 meters away. The nearest hotel is Akkoç Hotel, 500 meters from the station. Adana bus terminal is 6 km west of the station, between Şehitlik and Şakirpaşa train stations.

Some Mersin Adana trains stop at these stations. Adana station is suitable for disabled access. There are safety lockers to store your belongings. International ticket office and travel card sales are available.

Adana Mersin TCDD Ticket Prices

  • Adana Mersin 2019 Ticket Prices: Full: 7.5 TL Student: 6.25 TL Return Ticket: 12 TL
  • Adana Tarsus 2019 Ticket Prices: Full: 5.5 TL Student: 4.5 TL Return Ticket: 9 TL
  • Adana Yenice 2019 Ticket Prices: Full: 4 TL Student: 3 TL Return Ticket: 6 TL
  • Adana Mersin 2019 Subscription (Monthly): Full: 150 TL Student: 120 TL


Train station box office phone numbers and opening hours.


Wire: 0322 453 31 72 (05.30-21.30)


Tel: 0324 231 12 67 (05.30 - 21.30)

Trains at Adana Train Station

  • Erciyes Express
  • Euphrates Express
  • Taurus Express
  • Adana Mersin train
  • Mersin İskenderun train
  • Mersin Islahiye train

Adana Train Station History

The first train station in Adana (where Adana Provincial Mufti Office is located) was built in 1886 by Mersin Tarsus Adana Railway (MTA) Company, a French company, and was put into service for Mersin Tarsus Adana Railway line. In 1906, Deutsche Bank, owner and main financier of the Baghdad Railway (CIOB) Company, bought the railway line owned by the French MTA company. Following this acquisition, in 1912, the station building belonging to the MTA Company in Adana was abandoned and the Adana Station building, which was built further north by CIOB Company, started to be used.

January 1, 1929 date of nationalization decisions within the scope of the railways company MTA company and CIOB taken by the government of the Republic of Turkey shared the same fate and was nationalized. The railway lines operated by the companies were transferred to the General Directorate of State Railways, which would later become TCDD.

Adana Mersin Railway

Adana Mersin railway is a 67 km (42 ml) double track railway line of TCDD located between Adana and Mersin. Hat TCDD is in the area of ​​responsibility of the 6th Region.

line which is one of Turkey's busiest railway lines, outline Taurus Express and Express trains Erciyes Mersin Adana, Mersin, Iskenderun and Mersin İslahiye serves regional trains.

In addition, line, Mersin is very important in terms of commercial activities, which passes through the district of the town of Tarsus and Turkey is one of the largest port serving the port of Mersin.

Adana Mersin Railway History

Mersin - Tarsus - Adana railway (MTA) On January 20, 1883, the Ottoman government gave concessions to two Turkish businessmen for the expansion of railway systems in the Cilicia / Cukurova region. However, these individuals sold some of their privilege rights to a group of British and French investors because they could not progress adequately on their own, and thus, Mersin - Tarsus - Adana Railway (MTA) Company, a London based French company, was established. The railway line built by MTA Company was completed on August 2, 1886 and entered into service.

In 1896, Turkish partners sold all their privilege rights to foreign partners and MTA turned into a company with a completely foreign capital. In 1906, Deutsche Bank, owner and main financier of the Baghdad Railway (CIOB) Company, bought the railway line owned by the French MTA company. Following this acquisition, the station building belonging to the MTA Company in Adana in 1912 (where the provincial mufti of Adana is located today) was abandoned and the Adana Station building, which was built further north by CIOB Company, was started to be used.

Even after World War I and the War of Independence, the owner of the line was Deutsche Bank. But the company, the Baghdad Railway on January 1, 1929 (CIOB) Company and Ottoman Anatolia Railways (CFO) diluted share the same fate with the Company and the Republic of Turkey and the nationalization of the railways taken by the government expropriated the scope of the decision. The railway line operated by the company has been transferred to the General Directorate of State Railways, which will later become the TCDD.

The railway line that used to belong to the MTA company still belongs to TCDD today, and passenger and cargo transportation is carried out by TCDD Tasimacilik on the line.

Parts of the Line and Opening Dates

The entire railway line (between Mersin and Adana) was built by the Mersin - Tarsus - Adana Railway (MTA) Company for the Mersin - Tarsus - Adana Railway line between 1883 and 1886.

Route Distance Service Year

Mersin - Yenice - Adana 68,382 km - 1886

Train Lines Operated by TCDD Tasimacilik in Railway Line

Outline Trains

  • Taurus Express
  • Erciyes Express

Regional Trains

  • Mersin - Adana
  • Mersin - Iskenderun
  • Mersin - Islahiye

Adana Kurtalan Railway

Adana - Kurtalan railway is the 804,809 km long railway line belonging to TCDD between Adana and Kurtalan. The line is under the responsibility of TCDD Region 6 and TCDD Region 5.

The line provides services to Malatya - Elazığ and Diyarbakır - Batman regional trains with the Fırat Express, Van Lake Express and South Kurtalan Express mainline trains.

Parts of the Line and Opening Dates The section of the railway line between Adana - Fevzipaşa in 1912 "Chemins du Fer Impérial Ottomans de Bagdad ”/“ Ottoman Baghdad Railway ”(CIOB) Company built for the Baghdad Railway line. Fevzipaşa - Narlı - Malatya - Yolçatı - Diyarbakır - Kurtalan part, which forms the remaining part of the line, was built between 1929 - 1944 by the General Directorate of State Railways, which later became TCDD.
Route Distance Service Year
Adana Train Station - Toprakkale - Fevzipaşa 141,431 km (87,881 mi)
Fevzipaşa - Köprübaşı - Narlı - Gölbaşı 26,881 km (16,703 mi)
Gölbaşı - Doğanşehir 56,014 km (34,805 mi)
Doğanşehir - Malatya Station 56,745 km (35,260 mi)
Malatya - Battalgazi (Eskimalatya) - Fırat 56,745 km (35,260 mi)
Euphrates - Kuşsarayi (Bekirhüseyin) - Yolçatı 67,968 km (42,233 mi)
Yolçatı - Mine 75,950 km (47,193 mi)
Mine - Diyarbakır Station 52,670 km (32,728 mi)
Diyarbakir - Bismil 47,382 km (29,442 mi)
Bismil - Sinan 28,424 km (17,662 mi)
Sinan - Batman 14,726 km (9,150 mi)
Batman - Kurtalan Station 68,818 km (42,762 mi)
Battalgazi (Eskimalatya) - Kuşsarayi (Bekirhüseyin) 29,784 km (18,507 mi)

Train Lines Operated by TCDD Tasimacilik in Railway Line

  • Euphrates Express
  • Lake Van Express
  • Southern Kurtalan Express

Regional Trains

  • Malatya - Elazig Regional Train
  • Diyarbakır - Batman Regional Train

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