Turkey AVM When I meet with Culture?

the biggest shopping centers in turkiyenin
the biggest shopping centers in turkiyenin

Mall culture for Turkey first began in 1987 with the Galleria Mall. This circulation continued with the Capitol AVM opened in 1993.

Turkey's largest 14 AVM'si

These shopping malls are quite big. You can feel yourself in a different world even when you visit these shopping malls where you have access to furniture, home appliances, children, women, men, young clothing, home appliances, cosmetics and private brands. They all have a different concept and appeal to many people with their food and beverage areas.

  • Forum Istanbul: The shopping mall that started to serve in 2009; It is established on an area of ​​176.384 square meters. It is known that there are quite a lot of local and foreign stores and entertainment areas in the shopping mall located in the Bayrampaşa region.
  • Mall of Istanbul: The place built by Torunlar REIC; It is a very large area serving as office, residence, hotel and shopping mall. It serves on an area of ​​154.457 square meters.
  • Emaar Square: The shopping mall located in the Libadiye region where many foreign brands are located; It also attracts attention with its aquarium. There are also private eating and drinking areas in the shopping mall, which is quite large.
  • Marmara Forum Shopping Center: The shopping center, which has been in service since 2011, is a shopping mall that has an aquarium and is known for its entertainment centers and also hosts many brands.
  • 2 Gallery: The shopping center in Ataköy, thinned as a second section for Galleria, is in a structure that everyone can enjoy.
  • Ankamal: This shopping center is located in Ankara Yenimahalle and Turkey's 6th largest shopping center; It has been serving since 1999. It has a very special structure. In an area of ​​120.000 square meters, but in a structure that constantly renews itself.
  • Cevahir Shopping Center: Opened for service in 2005; It is built on an area of ​​117.574 square meters.
  • Vialand: A shopping mall located in the theme park is established within an area of ​​110.000 square meters. It is possible to find many brands here and have fun in the theme park. There is also an amusement park inside.
  • Vadistanbul Shopping Center: Turkey's first and largest mixed project can be called an AVM. This area, which is brought together with housing, office, shopping mall and street, serves as a large complex.
  • The MarmaraThis shopping mall in Turkey's largest shopping mall listesiiçeri that it was an inevitable result of shopping centers is one of the most suffered areas. It is possible to find many important clothing and cosmetics brands in this shopping center.
  • Istanbul Financial CenterThis Shopping Mall; It has a structure that includes the centers of important institutions within its structure. There are shopping centers on the solid center of the brand which is very important for Turkey.
  • Metropol Istanbul Torium Shopping Center: Shopping Mall in partnership with Varyap - Gap; serves private brands. It is known that the shopping center, which has many important brands, is used by everyone for spending time.
  • Torium Shopping Mall: Shopping Mall, which has been serving in Istanbul Esenyurt region since 2010; It is the most visited shopping center by local and foreign tourists.
  • Istinye Park AVM: A different mall with a boutique style. There are also areas to have fun in the shopping mall, where large and different brands are located. There are many different options for eating and drinking.


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