Support for the Solidarity We Have From İzmir Vegetable and Fruit Trades

We support the solidarity of Izmir vegetable and fruit market artisans.
We support the solidarity of Izmir vegetable and fruit market artisans.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Vegetable and Fruit Tradesman sends the parcels containing products such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions and beans to support citizens in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Vegetable and Fruit Market shopkeepers also support the “We Are There” campaign, which was launched with the call of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. The 155-person tradesmen, who came together with the slogan “We opened the door of the carpet, we shared our table”, prepare 700 kilograms packages of 18 items such as onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and lemons for 22 families each week. The packages are delivered to the families that need to be supported by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Orhan Doğan, President of the Vegetable and Fruits Association Association, who supported the campaign, reminded that the epidemic process was passed, “In this holy month of Ramadan, all our tradesmen made the necessary contribution to provide vegetable and fruit aid to the families in need. We pack the vegetable and fruit varieties and ensure that they are delivered to families. ” Stating that they delivered vegetables and fruits in packages to approximately 12 thousand students for the Local Goods Week in December, Orhan Doğan said that the tradesmen were very sensitive in this regard, and when the aid issues came to the agenda, everyone put their hands under the stone and made the necessary contribution.

All Tradesmen Participate in Solidarity

Shuayip Akbas, Vice President of the Vegetable and Fruits Association, underscored that voluntary aid should increase and said, “All tradesmen contribute to this work. We thank everyone. He should help the people around him as much as he can with his strength. This is not true if your neighbor is lying hungry when you are yourself. In this process, there are those who are laid off, there are those who lost their jobs. There are those who haven't been paid for 45-50 days. The grievance is very high. We are doing our best to be with the citizens in this process. ”

Memduh Konyar, a shopkeeper, said: “It is our duty to do these things, to cooperate, to be human. It is nice to help if I have it here and if it is not available to my neighbor. We are also open to helping. It is a great feeling to support someone. Those who have the opportunity should support such times. If everyone helps, there is nobody in need. ”

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