Ways to Cope with Stress in the Period of Pandemic

Ways to deal with stress during the pandemic period
Ways to deal with stress during the pandemic period

It is a really important need to keep our minds away from the agenda during these days when we are at home because of a pandemic. Taking breaks that will make us feel good is necessary to protect our mental, mental and physical health in this process.

Stating that meditation and yoga can have beneficial results in terms of focus, stress and emotion when combined with regular exercise and proper nutrition preferences, Samantha Clayton, Vice President of Herbalife Nutrition Global Sports Performance and Fitness Training, underlined that we can spend the whole day with a positive perspective.

In the quarantine period, we all need some techniques and tools, such as mindfulness, to balance the stress and pressure associated with having to work at home and work together. Conscious awareness, often used as a therapy technique, can be defined as a state of mind achieved by focusing on the moment while calmly accepting our emotions, thoughts and bodily perceptions. Meditation and yoga have been proven to support conscious awareness. Stating that conscious awareness helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and even increase cognitive skills, Herbalife Nutrition Global Athlete Performance and Fitness Training Vice President Samantha Clayton listed the effects of meditation and yoga on stress and emotion.

The Relaxing Effect of Yoga

After a tiring day, choosing to relax by doing yoga is a great way to start the day. A few simple yoga exercises help clear the mind and spend the whole day with a positive perspective.

Harvard Health provides the health benefits of yoga; explains slowing the heart rate, slowing breathing, lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow to the intestines, and focusing on the main focus. He says the result is a tremendous sense of relaxation.

Basic Rules of Meditation

As with everything related to health and fitness, there are many schools of thought and many methods of meditation. Here are some simple and practical meditation tips that can be useful for calming your mind and evaluating the day:

Try to get away from the elements that will distract you

Don't think there is a need for a completely quiet and secluded place. It is almost impossible to achieve absolute silence in real life, especially in homes with children. Try to get away from distractions such as the phone, computer screen and extremely noisy places. At home, close the door of your bedroom.

Act just how you feel comfortable

Do not be mistaken for the need for special equipment such as yoga mat, bell or blanket. You can meditate anywhere. The less equipment you use, the easier it will be to evaluate the opportunities you find to meditate. Try to sit or lie down in a place where you feel comfortable. You can keep your eyes open or closed. Behave as you feel comfortable.

Be Aware of Your Breath and the Emotion It Creates

Do not force yourself to apply a particular breathing style, such as breathing through the abdomen or breathing through the nose. You may be afraid or dizzy before you even begin. After getting used to meditation, you can work on the breathing technique. Focus on your breath. Feel the air entering and exiting your body. Just be aware of your breath and the emotion it creates.

One or two keys to guide you to feel positive SözcüDetermine k

Don't get negative thoughts when you think of a grocery list or to-do list. Try to forget the grocery list and focus on your breathing again. Don't start off with a long list of approvals or goals that you constantly think about or articulate out loud. One or two keys to help you relax or guide you to feel positive sözcüSet k.

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