Travel Permit Applications for Tea Producers Started

Travel permit applications for tea producers started
Travel permit applications for tea producers started

The Vefa Social Support groups, formed under the coordination of the governorships and district governorships, showed great loyalty in 53 days. The loyalty groups, which reached 53 households in 5.674.281 days, provided all the needs of people aged 65 and older with chronic illness, from pensions to food, medicine to hygiene products.

Within the scope of coronavirus measures, Vefa Social Support groups were established under the coordination of governorships and district governors to meet the needs of those aged 65 and older with curfew and chronic illnesses. Loyalty support groups, which started their activities on March 22, continue to meet the needs of people aged 65 and over with those with chronic conditions. The demands of our citizens, who report their needs on 112, 155, 156 and other numbers, are immediately met by the public employees such as police, gendarmerie, guard, AFAD staff, teachers, religious officials, and volunteers of non-governmental organizations and taken to their homes.

A total of 22 calls, including 13 calls out of 112, 2.245.669 calls out of 155, 771.243 calls out of 156, and 338.047 calls out of other numbers were made between the dates of 2.741.071 March-6.096.030 May. In these calls, the need of 5.674.281 adults was met by social support groups.

806.767 Travel Permit Certificate Approved

Within the scope of coronavirus measures, inter-provincial travel restrictions were applied, and the provinces covered by the restriction were stopped, with the exception of air, sea and land exceptions.

Due to their treatment needs, citizens can enter the provinces with city entrance and exit restrictions, who have passed away due to their first-degree relatives / severely ill, who have not been able to come and stay with one in the last 5 days and other (military service, prison release, etc.) on the grounds of being able to enter. Travel Permit Applications can be made electronically via the e-government Ministry of Internal Affairs e-application system and ALO 199 Vefa Communication System.

In this context, 29.03.2020 applications have been made through the Vefa Communication System since 1.980.795. 806.767 of these applications were approved. Of the approved travel permit documents, 189.386 were for therapeutic purposes, 94.220 were temporarily in different provinces, 80.875 were relatives or severely ill, 4.375 were tea producers and escorts, and 437.911 were other applications. Travel permission requests are evaluated by travel permission boards established in all provinces and districts. As a result of the evaluation, the applicants are informed via SMS.

Travel Permit Applications for Tea Producers / Manufacturers Started

In addition, 15 provinces with travel restrictions and tea producers of Çaykur and those who live in one of the provinces with one or more of these provinces on their travel routes, to the provinces where the tea gardens are located from 19:24.00 on Tuesday, XNUMX May, for the first age wet tea harvest. will be able to travel on the condition of taking.

In this context, Travel Permit applications started on 199:09.00 at the e-government e-application system and Alo XNUMX Vefa Communication system.

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