No Passage to Incorrect Parking in Izmit

There is no time to park incorrectly in izmit
There is no time to park incorrectly in izmit

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams work hard to ensure peace and public order in many parts of the city. Traffic Police teams strictly carry out management controls on vehicles that park incorrectly so that traffic flow throughout the city is not interrupted. In this context, criminal proceedings were applied to vehicles that park double rows on Turan Güneş Street in Izmit district, occupy disabled parking spaces and park on the green area of ​​Thursday Market.


The Metropolitan Traffic Police teams, who carry out strict inspections in the district of Izmit, carry out their work together with the teams affiliated to the Kocaeli Police Department. In the inspections carried out so that citizens do not have problems while driving with their vehicles in the city center, the vehicles that park the parking lot in the green areas of Thursday market and double-row parking, and parking in the green areas of Thursday. After the criminal proceedings, the vehicles are pulled into the car park by the Metropolitan Traffic Police teams.


The Metropolitan Municipality Police Department's teams implement the vehicles required by the Traffic Law No. 2918 and municipal orders and prohibitions, which occupy the lanes reserved for the smooth progress of traffic. When sensitive citizens detect such a situation, they can call 153, the call center of the Metropolitan Municipality.

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