Coronavirus Crisis at Istanbul Airport! Number of Passengers Decreased by 99,3 Percent

The number of passengers from the coronavirus crisis decreased at the Istanbul airport
The number of passengers from the coronavirus crisis decreased at the Istanbul airport
Travel restrictions were imposed worldwide due to the corona virus outbreak. For this reason, the number of passengers at Istanbul Airport decreased by 99,3 percent.

The State Airports Authority (DHMI) has released its airline statistics for April. Thus, the destruction caused by the Covid-19 outbreak in the airline industry was also reflected in the data.

According to the news of Ozan Gündoğdu from Birgün; The number of aircraft in airports across Turkey in January, while 110 thousand 681 in March However secretion 74'y to 347 thousand and 7 thousand 307 in April declined. Thus, the number of aircraft landing at airports decreased by 93,3 percent in April compared to January. Moreover, most of the landing planes are cargo aircraft. Therefore, the decline in the number of passengers is higher.

As of January using airports across Turkey there were 13 million 936 thousand 706 passengers. This number decreased to 7 million 347 thousand 994 as of March. In April, the number of passengers decreased almost to 83 thousand 470. Thus, Turkey compared to January, the number of passengers using the airports in general decreased by 99,4 percent in April.

general aircraft and number of passengers Turkey

  • January: 10 thousand 681
  • 13 million 936 thousand 706
  • February: 101 thousand 915
  • 12 million 269 thousand 610
  • March: 74 thousand 347
  • 7 million 347 thousand 994
  • April: 7 thousand 307
  • 83 bin 470


Passengers on the agenda at the Istanbul Airport warranty (IHL) The situation is no different from Turkey. According to DHMi data, this number decreased to 35 thousand 89 in March in the IHL used by 19 thousand 878 aircraft in January.

In April, the number of aircraft using IHL dropped to 1327 thousand. Thus, the number of aircraft using IHL decreased by 96,2 percent in April compared to January. However, as most of the aircraft that use it are commercial aircraft, the narrowing in the number of passengers is even more severe.

This number dropped to 5 million 276 thousand in March, when the effects of the epidemic were seen in IHL, which was used by 2 million 364 thousand passengers in January. In April, passenger traffic stopped literally as expected and only 33 thousand 482 passengers used IHL due to evacuation flights. Thus, the number of passengers using IHL decreased by 99,3 percent in April compared to January.


Just like the highways and bridges, there are passenger guarantees at the airports operated by the private sector and operated by the private sector. Istanbul Airport is just one of the passenger-guaranteed airports. Moreover, the warranty prices are registered in the contract over the euro. Passenger service fees at Istanbul Airport; International departure passenger 20, transfer passenger 5 and domestic passenger 3 are collected as euro. However, the government guarantees an increasing number of passengers every year. The guarantee for this year has been set at 333,8 million euros. If the airport's revenues fall below this amount, this state has promised to complement the revenues by making an additional payment. The total warranty for 13 years is 6,3 billion euros.

Istanbul airport passenger statistics
Istanbul airport passenger statistics


With the available data, it seems impossible for IHL to not harm. Guarantee payments are not even enough to interest the company's debt. So why was such an investment made?

There are 3 reports that make the risk analysis of the 2rd Airport. The first is the report of the Economic and Foreign Policy Research Association (EDAM), "Economic impact analysis of the 2016rd airport" dated September 3. The other is the article of Bahçeşehir University Center for Economic and Social Research (BETAM), the fate of Mega Airport dated June 2013 depends on growth. The authors of the article are Seyfettin Gürsel and Tuba Toru Delibaşı.


According to the pessimistic scenario in the report of EDAM, Istanbul Airport will carry 2019 million 75 thousand passengers in 394, according to the same pessimistic scenario, this number would increase to 2020 million 80 thousand passengers in 163. However, in 2019, 68 million 650 thousand passengers used Atatürk and Istanbul Airports. Even the pessimistic scenario was missed with 7 million passengers. The pessimistic scenario of the same report for 2020 is 80 million 163 thousand. However, the number of passengers using one third of the year is still limited to 12 million 277 thousand. Half of the pessimistic scenario cannot be reached this year.

It was obvious since 2013 that it was going to hurt

On the other hand, 2 scenarios are drawn in the BETAM analysis. In the analysis, it was detected in 2 that both scenarios were damaged. According to the article, the cumulative loss in 2013 increases to 2030 billion euros in the optimistic scenario, and the damage in the pessimistic scenario increases to 5,7 billion euros. However, in the same article, the emphasis is made: “These income and cost estimates are made without taking into account the non-operating income (income from various uses of the allocated land)”. In other words, the damage of the airport depends on land use. So what is the land size of IHL?


The size of land allocated for IHL is 7400 hectares. With this size, IHL has one of the largest lands in the world. More than 1178 times the land size of Ataturk Airport (6 hectares). In addition, the land of Atlanta, which is the largest airport according to the carrying capacity of the world, is limited to 1625 hectares. This giant land allocated to IHL is the only remedy for İGA consortium to get rid of the damage. As a matter of fact, the BETAM report says that "under the assumption of low growth, the new airport will have to earn considerably more non-operating income in the 25-year period in order to be reasonably profitable," and it is emphasized that these are the giant lands.



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