Exports to block Turkey's first Rail Road Quits

The first block train turkiyenin export path is cikiyor
The first block train turkiyenin export path is cikiyor

Mars Logistics became the first company to use the Marmaray line for international export freight transport.

Mars Logistics from May 15 railway international freight forwarding implemented in Turkey began as scheduled as a first Marmaray use. In his statement, Mars Logistics Board Member Gökşin Günhan stated that with the use of the Marmaray line, the problems arising from Istanbul's freight transport will partially melt and the environmental negative effects of road transport will be reduced by providing less carbon dioxide emissions.

Mars Logistics, which offers environmentally friendly solutions in the optimum time with the 'Intermodal transportation' method using two or more transportation modes with the same transportation vehicle, has added Marmaray to Intermodal transportation methods since May 15. The company originates from Eskişehir and Halkalı It is planning to deliver deliveries to Europe in a faster and more environmentally friendly manner with its popular transportation method.

It will ease the "burden" of Istanbul

With its geopolitical location, Istanbul is at the center of both national and regional freight transport, and it causes both social, economic and environmental problems since it uses road transport as a transportation method. In addition to these general problems, 'Intermodal transportation', which saves time due to the density at the border gates and delays in transportation with the coronavirus epidemic, is of greater importance in this period. kazanhe's eating.

It is stated that the transportation problem in Istanbul can be eliminated by uninterrupted rail transportation by using the Marmaray line outside of passenger transportation hours (01: 00-05: 00).

Intermodal transportation prevents 27 billion grams of carbon dioxide emissions annually

In addition to the advantages of regular transportation, regular loading, regular unloading and fixed prices, the intermodal transportation method offers the advantage of control and follow-up thanks to the fact that it is less affected by adverse weather conditions compared to other transportation systems, and all wagons are located in the same location. At the same time, by reducing carbon emissions, 27 billion grams of carbon dioxide emissions per year are prevented.

Intermodal transportation service, realized by Mars Logistics since 2012 and which stands out with its “Green Logistics” and “Sustainability” aspects, continues to serve between Turkey-Luxembourg and Turkey-Germany. Cargoes taken from various points of Turkey reach their destinations on the Bettembourg line in the order of land - sea - rail - highway. On the Duisburg line, it reaches its destination in the order of railway - highway. Thus, by bringing together different methods of transportation, environmental problems are minimized and time is saved. kazanit's warm.


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