UAV will be used for the first time this year in the detection of forest fires

Tender will be used for the first time this year in the detection of forest fires
Tender will be used for the first time this year in the detection of forest fires

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Forestry (OGM) has completed its preparations to combat forest fires.

In our country, the coastline, starting from Hatay and extending from the Mediterranean and Aegean coastal regions to Istanbul, constitutes the most risky region for forest fires. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated that preparations were made according to this risk and that most of the tools, equipment and personnel were kept ready to fight fire during the fire season.

Stating that they have determined 3 basic strategies in combating forest fires, Minister Pakdemirli said: “The first of these is education and awareness-raising work that will prevent prevention, that is, fire. Let's not forget that 88 percent of forest fires are of human origin and this rate of reduction can only be achieved through education, awareness and care. ”

Emphasizing that their second strategy is prevention, that is, early warning, fast and effective intervention, Pakdemirli said, 'We are starting to benefit from UAVs this year for the first time in detecting forest fires. We monitor our forests from 776 fire watchtowers across the country, we are immediately informed about the fire and we respond to fires as soon as possible with our first response teams located at 1.140 points. Thus, we reduced our first response time to fires to 12 minutes. ” said.

300 lands will be renewed within the scope of firefighting

Stating that a great planning and meticulous work is needed to combat forest fires, Minister Pakdemirli emphasized that the equipment is also very important; “Approximately 8 thousand vehicles will be employed within the scope of firefighting. We will renew 300 plotters this year ”.


OGM's team to combat forest fires is expanding. Emphasizing that they have completed their preparations for fire of any size and difficulty that may occur in our country this year, Minister Pakdemirli said, “This year, 18 personnel will work in forest fires. Together with these friends, we aim to strengthen our team even more with the new employees to be recruited this year. ”


Minister Pakdemirli stated that the last leg of their strategy is the reforestation of the burnt areas, that is, rehabilitation studies. ”We reforest the burning forest areas in the first reforestation season, in the same year. According to the Constitution, we never use these areas for any other purpose. We also pay attention to the protection of the original species while reforestation ”.

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