Serap Timur Appointed as Rail System Projects Directorate in IMM

Serap timur has been appointed to the Directorate of rail system projects.
Serap timur has been appointed to the Directorate of rail system projects.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has appointed Serap Timur, who served as the deputy regional manager in DLH, instead of Aslı Şahin Akyol, Rail System Projects Manager, who he recently dismissed.

İBB Rail System Projects Manager award-winning Master Architect Aslı Şahin Akyol, who was dismissed recently, started to work at the Marmaray Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, Railways, Ports and Airports. He brought the high civil engineer Serap Timur, who worked as the Deputy Director of the Marmaray Region at DLH, to the Rail System Projects Directorate, which was vacated by Akyol. Both those who have gone out of office have been graduated from Yıldız Technical University and received a master's degree from the same university.

Who is Serap Timur?

Serap Timur, who graduated from Yıldız Technical University Civil Engineering Department, completed his Master's Degree in 1994 and his doctorate in 2001 and received the title of Doctor. He worked as a Research Assistant at Yıldız Technical University between 1995-2006. Between 2006 and 2020, he worked as a Control Engineer, Chief Engineer and Deputy Regional Manager at the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, DLH Marmaray Regional Directorate. He was appointed to IMM Rail System Projects Directorate on April 29, 2020.

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