The Resignation Of The Admiral Cihat Yaycı Has Been Accepted

Resignation of Tumamiral Jihad Publisher accepted
Resignation of Tumamiral Jihad Publisher accepted

Known as the architect of Turkey's eastern Mediterranean and Libyan Strategy Rear Admiral of the Navy Command of Jihad Yayci after the task was stated that the Chief of Staff resigned.

According to the statements, it is stated that the Ministry of National Defense accepted the resignation of Major General Cihat Yaycı.

The Turkish Navy has been representing the Turkish Armed Forces' visionary wing for years. It provides maximum support to domestic products and technology development efforts. The biggest factor of this situation is the visionary and well-trained officers of the Turkish Navy.

A strategic agreement was signed with Libya at a time when Turkey was alone against many countries in the Eastern Mediterranean due to various political reasons and tried to balance this loneliness with military power. With the agreement signed with Libya on the delimitation of maritime jurisdiction areas, Turkey becomes a serious diplomatic power. kazanwas.

The architect of this agreement is the Admiral Cihat Yaycı, whose name we often hear today. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan personally described this situation in his speech at the first submarine ceremony of the new submarine project, Pirireis, and its 5th ship, Seydialireis:

Turkey as Erdogan voicing took the first steps 10 years ago with Libya on maritime jurisdiction areas, "still holds the Chief of Staff of our Navy Rear Admiral Jihad Yayci the reports prepared on this subject, maps, it is evident he wrote articles and books. We talked about this issue with the Libyan President Gaddafi on the map and reached an agreement with him. The maritime jurisdiction coincidence between the land section of our country facing Libya and the land section of Libya facing our country gives us this right according to international legislation and practices. Due to the confusion in the region, the reconciliation text was delayed a bit over the legal ground. ” he used expressions.

In addition, while serving as the Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces, Major General Cihat Yaycı achieved a first as an Associate Professor. Yaycı was the first combat admiral to take this title on duty.

In Libya today, the Watya airbase has been taken over by the country's legitimate government. For a very critical base, there was a long struggle. Today, when a very important success has been achieved strategically in Libya, the dragging of the architect of Libya to the resignation has taken its place as a negative part of our fortune. (Source: DefenceTurk)

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