Protective and Preventive Periodic Maintenance Continues at Istanbul Airport

Preventive preventive periodic maintenance continues at Istanbul airport
Preventive preventive periodic maintenance continues at Istanbul airport

During the Covid-19 pandemic process, which affects the whole world, Istanbul Airport continues its preventive and planned maintenance 7/24.

Turkey's gateway to the world, and yet the first year in which global HUB Istanbul Airport, in order to be ready for the normalization process continues unabated operation. Technical teams continue to work devotedly to improve the travel experience at Istanbul Airport and to provide “safe and hygienic” service after Covid-19.

Istanbul Airport evaluates the mandatory break in the most efficient way ...

Technical teams, who have been working intensively at Istanbul Airport since the first day of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, make the airport terminal ready for passengers by knowing the opportunity. While polishing and grouting controls of floor coverings in passenger areas are being carried out, cleaning and painting works are continued in high suspended ceilings. In this period when aviation activities are interrupted, maintenance of wet areas, control of facade and roof systems, maintenance of movable and fixed furniture continues for the next winter season.

New places are added for the comfort of passengers and employees in order to increase the journey experience at Istanbul Airport terminal. Additional wet areas, children's playgrounds, landscaping areas and offices are created, while arrangements are made in areas for disabled guests. Dining halls for the personnel working at Istanbul Airport are renewed for the process and necessary arrangements are made for personnel transitions after Covid-19.

Planned maintenance of electrical-electronic systems at Istanbul Airport continues.

It is seen as one of the main goals to turn Istanbul Airport into operation as an exemplary airport in the world in terms of travel experience after the global epidemic, as it has been in many fields since the first day. Maintenance of electrical-electronic systems for this purpose is carried out without interruption. Controls and maintenance of transformers, generators, UPS devices, electrical panels, lighting fixtures, which are capable of meeting the energy needs of medium-sized cities and that feed 7/24 uninterrupted systems, continue.

While periodic measurements of grounding and lightning protection systems at Istanbul Airport are continuing, emergency detection systems in fire detection, warning and disabled toilets, emergency phones in vehicle tunnels and electrical / mechanical galleries, testing and planned maintenance of radio systems are also carried out. In addition to all these, fire scenario tests that have been done successfully throughout the airport are repeated.

Preventive and preventive maintenance of mechanical systems is carried out regularly for a smooth summer period.

Considering the summer months, cooling groups, circulation pumps, kazanPlanned maintenance, control and replacement of the burners, filters in the systems, air & sediment separators and chemical dosing systems, air handling units are also carried out by the teams.

The teams continue the periodic maintenance of special aviation systems continuously ...

While the preparations for the 3rd Runway, located in the east of the Istanbul Airport Terminal, are underway, the maintenance of the passenger bellows, 400Hz aircraft energy systems and aircraft pre-air conditioning systems, and the integration of the navigation systems with the systems installed in the 3rd Runway, which will be opened recently, are also carried out by the teams. In addition, monthly preventive maintenance is carried out meticulously in elevators, escalators and escalators.

Covid-19 protective and preventive activities are also continuing…

Filter and duct cleaning, filter disinfection were performed in all ventilation ducts within the airport for Covid-19 measures, and the frequency of cleaning and disinfection was increased. A similar cleaning and sterilization process continues frequently at all areas of the airport and especially on the most touched surfaces.

In the areas of Check-in Desks, Passport Control Zones, Seating Groups, Elevators, Dining Hall, ATMs, All Food & Drink Areas, Shopping, related studies are carried out to maintain social distance.

Evaluating the maintenance and repair activities carried out at Istanbul Airport, İGA Airport Operations Technical Services Assistant General Manager Fırat Emsen said, “In this period, which is now counting days for returning to Istanbul Airport, we continue a feverish work to offer our passengers a 'zero risk' airport in terms of health safety. . By adding our night to our day together with all our related units and saying 'first of all health'; we carry out the process with great precision and meticulousness. The most important leg of this process is the Technical Services and Periodic Maintenance Activities that continue almost everywhere in Istanbul Airport. During the Covid-19 pandemic process, which affects the whole world, Istanbul Airport will continue its preventive and planned maintenance 7/24 and will provide its passengers with a unique travel experience from where it left off with the normalization process. He believes that we will get through this challenging process together, and he said, 'We are waiting for the day we will meet our passengers with excitement'.

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