Measures to be Applied in the Normalization Process in Eating and Drinking Facilities were Determined

Precautions to be applied during the normalization process in eating and drinking facilities were determined
Precautions to be applied during the normalization process in eating and drinking facilities were determined

In the statement made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on 20.05.2020, it has been reported that a controlled normalization process has been started within the scope of the measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic. on the date to be determined to be operational in separate food and beverage facilitiesit is necessary to take the following measures and ensure their continuity.

Implementation of the measures is mandatory and inspections will be carried out by the relevant administration.


During the activities of tourism enterprises, precautions announced by the relevant public institutions or organizations are fully followed.

  • Business-wide A protocol covering COVID-19 and hygiene rules / practices It is prepared, the protocol is evaluated at regular intervals, it is updated by taking into account the problems encountered in implementation, the solutions brought and the measures put into practice by public institutions or organizations.
  • Within the scope of the protocol, the approach of the personnel showing the symptoms of the disease and the procedures to be applied are also defined. These procedures are described in the Covid-19 guide published by the Ministry of Health.
  • Facility operators are responsible for taking social distance measures throughout the facility.
  • Regarding general usage areas and layout social distance plan is prepared, the guest capacity of the facility is determined according to the social distance plan, the number of guests accepted according to this capacity is accepted and the capacity information is hung at a visible place at the entrance of the facility.
  • In addition, in the entrance hall or exterior of the facility and in the general usage areas where guests and staff can easily see, panels with COVID-19 precautions and rules that are applied in the facility and must be followed are arranged.
  • For COVID-19 measures kitchen cleaning and food safety protocolpest and pest control protocol It is prepared. Responsible staff ensures protocol compliance.

With the circular announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Guest AcceptanceDining Hall and General Usage AreaspersonelGeneral Cleaning and MaintenanceKitchen and Service AreasBusiness Tools The details are included in the titles and the circular is attached.



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