Number of Callers for ALO 181 Increased with the Kovid-19 Outbreak

Number of callers increased with Kovid epidemic
Number of callers increased with Kovid epidemic

The Alo 181 Call Center of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization answered 4 calls in the first 190 months of this year

The number of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, using the Alo 19 Call Center, which was established on a 7/24 basis to establish direct communication with citizens during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-181) epidemic, increased.

Within the scope of the fight against Kovid-19, it is more important to conduct official transactions remotely. kazanNowadays, citizens can access the communication center with a phone, submit their complaints about environmental issues, and get information and appointments for land registry and cadastre procedures.

In the first 4 months of the year, a total of 190 calls came to the call center. The center answered the questions asked by citizens to learn about various issues in the 221 thousand 155 calls. 617 thousand 25 of the calls were made by land registry appointments, 973 thousand 6 were complaints, and 253 2 were environmental notices.

The Call Center answered the questions about land registry and cadastre with 81 thousand 217 calls.


56 calls were made to the call center about Urban Transformation. Citizens asked questions about the most risky structure and risky areas. Rent assistance and interest support provided to the rightful owners of the house were among the most frequently asked questions.

Another issue of interest was the rental assistance period, which was increased from 36 months to 48 months in regions that have been transformed into urban areas by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.


The Call Center, where environmental pollution complaints can be conveyed, answered 31 thousand 517 environmental management calls, while the number of incoming calls on environmental impact assessment (EIA) reached 6 thousand 381. Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanization, where the notifications received to Alo 181 were conveyed, imposed an administrative fine of 1 million 583 thousand 801 liras to the enterprises they found inappropriate.

12 citizens were returned by phone, and the satisfaction rate from the call center service was recorded as 511 percent.

Most applications to WhatsApp Environmental Notification Line came from Istanbul

The ministry established a WhatsApp complaint line in March to convey citizens' complaints about environmental pollution.

Provincial directorates solved the problems by making on-site determinations and examinations, thanks to complaints coming to the notification line.

The results of complaints received by the Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanization are reported to citizens by e-mail or telephone.

The biggest demand for WhatsApp line “0532 0101181” came from Istanbul, followed by İzmir, Ankara and Bursa.

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