New Circular on Restaurants, Restaurants and Picnic Places by the Ministry of Interior

New circular on restaurants, restaurants and picnics from the ministry of the interior
New circular on restaurants, restaurants and picnics from the ministry of the interior

Ministry of Interior, “restaurant, restaurant cafe etc. He sent circulars to 81 Provincial Governorships about workplaces, parks, picnics, areas, recreation areas and clothing markets. According to the circular, restaurants, restaurants, cafes, patisseries, coffee shops, tea gardens, restaurants will serve until 1 from 22.00 June.

According to the circular, from the moment when the new type of coronavirus epidemic was observed, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee, in line with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; It was stated that many precautionary decisions were implemented in order to manage the risk of the epidemic in terms of public health and public order, to ensure isolation, to maintain distance and to control the speed of its spread.

Within the scope of the measures taken; Restaurants, restaurants, patisseries, cafes, cafeterias, cafes, cafes, cafes, cafes, cafes, cafes, cafes, cafes, restaurants that operate as Public Rest and Recreation Areas in line with the circulars sent to the provinces before and which are considered to increase the risk of infection by our citizens. tea gardens, swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, spa, SPA and sports centers etc. It was reminded that the activities of the workplaces were temporarily suspended. Again, all restaurants and restaurants, patisserie and so on. it was reminded that the workplaces could work in the form of takeaway, come and go.

On the weekends of citizens, beach bands, promenade and ruins, picnic areas, sports, hiking, fishing, etc. banning from carrying out activities, clothing, toys, ornaments, bags, etc., in exhibitions and stalls, especially in the clothing markets (public high society market), where the measure can also be applied according to the situation of the provinces and districts. It was stated that the governorships were instructed to temporarily cease the activities of all markets where non-essential goods are sold.

At the current stage, in line with the positive developments in the direction of the decrease in the speed of transmission and transmission of the virus and the decrease in the rate of increase of the cases, our President, Mr. In the Presidential Cabinet, which was held on May 28 under the presidency of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it was stated that the issues of removing some of the restrictions brought by the circulars of interest in the direction of the Scientific Committee were evaluated.

As a result of the evaluations;

  • Restaurants, restaurants, cafes, patisseries, cafes, coffee shops, tea gardens, association locations whose activities are temporarily suspended / restricted (Except for live music activities for dance and play purposes, causing direct contact with sales of cards, okey, backgammon games and hookahs) 1 As of Monday, June 2020, it will start to serve until 22.00:XNUMX within the rules determined. Enterprises within the tourism facilities serving their own customers will not be subject to time limitation.
  • Swimming pool, spa, Turkish bath, sauna, SPA centers etc. whose activities are temporarily stopped. Until 1 hours, according to the rules determined by the businesses as of 2020 June 22.00 Monday; Sports centers / facilities will start to serve until 24.00.
  • In the park / garden, recreation areas, picnic areas, promenade and ruins and beaches (beaches) previously restricted by circular, picnic, sports, hiking, sightseeing, fishing, etc. activities to (Except for barbecue in parks / gardens in residential area) It will start on Monday, June 1, 2020, following the rules and distance requirements set.
  • Clothing, toys, ornaments, bags, etc. are exhibited in exhibitions and stalls, especially the so-called clothing markets (social markets) whose activities are temporarily suspended. It was decided to start operations on Monday, June 1, 2020, following the rules and distance conditions set in all markets where non-essential goods are sold.

Necessary decisions will be taken within the framework mentioned above, in accordance with Articles 1 / C of the Provincial Administration Law and Articles 2020 and 11 of the General Sanitary Law in order to start services on the subjects of activity specified as of June 27, 72.

In addition, in order for the pandemic (epidemic) not to spread and to be kept under control, the procedures and procedures for the aforementioned activities, taking into account the business / activity rules and the new / additional arrangements made or to be made by the relevant ministries and institutions, Determining the principles and taking the decisions of the General Sanitary Board, the rules determined for the said activities will be notified to the relevant operator / tradesman.

In line with the suggestions of the scientific committee, dance / game, etc., causing direct contact with playing cards, okey, backgammon games and hookah sales. With the exception of live music activities performed for this purpose, restaurants, restaurants, cafes, patisseries, cafes, coffee houses, tea gardens, association restaurants, swimming pools, hot springs, Turkish baths, saunas, SPA centers, etc. Until 22.00 (the businesses within the tourism facilities that serve their customers will not be subject to hour limitation), the clothing markets, especially the clothing markets, exhibitions and stalls, clothing, toys, ornaments, bags, etc. Until 22.00 the activities of all markets where non-essential necessities are sold; sports centers / facilities will be allowed to continue their activities until 24.00 at the latest within the framework of their own internal regulations. These places will be terminated after the specified hours.

Those who do not comply with the specified measures and rules will be given administrative fines pursuant to Article 282 of the General Sanitary Law, and the action will be taken in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law. Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of article 195 of the Turkish Criminal Code on the subject of criminal behavior.

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