Suspended Invoice Applications Started in İzmir

Invoice applications started in İzmir
Invoice applications started in İzmir

Applications have started to be received for the “pending invoice” application, which was also implemented in Izmir after Istanbul. Subscribers, who have economic difficulties due to the global epidemic, can save their water bills in the system via the “Biz İzmir” website.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken the solidarity process it initiated due to the coronavirus epidemic to a new dimension. In order to support the people struggling with economic difficulties in this process, the “suspended invoice” application that started in Istanbul recently started in İzmir. Those who need help can save İZSU invoices that they cannot pay through the digital platform “Biz İzmir”. Those who want to support them will be able to pay by choosing whatever they want from the bills suspended on the same system from the coming days.

For Application Procedures for Pending Invoice Application CLICK HERE

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