Investments in Eskişehir OBS Continues Continuously

Investments in Eskisehir observatory continue without interruption
Investments in Eskisehir observatory continue without interruption

📩 04/05/2020 16:50

Nadir Küpeli, Chairman of the Board of Eskişehir OSB, stated that they continue their work as management in order to make the industrialists' production and investments in the OIZ in a comfortable environment. "We believe that we have no way other than production for development and prosperity, and we are constantly working to provide our industrialists with the most suitable investment and production environment with our new investments," said Küpeli.

The Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB) Board of Directors, working for the future of the Eskişehir industry with the strength it has gained from the past, spends an intensive working time for the spinning wheels in the industry during these difficult days when the coronavirus pandemic is struggled. In this context, Eskişehir OSB Chairman Nadir Küpeli made evaluations about infrastructure investments and ongoing works in the organized industrial zone.

Infrastructure Investments of Our 1st Development Region are Completed

Stating that infrastructure and superstructure works are continuing at full speed in the 1st Development Zone, President Küpeli said, “In our 4st Development Zone (İmişehir) consisting of an area of ​​840 million 1 thousand square meters, sewage, rainwater, clean water, electricity, telecommunications, internet and natural gas infrastructure works. the stage is being completed. Our 2 companies that are in production benefit from infrastructure services completely. In our areas where infrastructure works are completed, our superstructure works still continue at full speed. At the moment, our road works on the 1-204 and 218. Streets of the 219st Development Zone continue uninterruptedly and we plan to open these roads to our industrialists as soon as possible. ”

We plan to complete the connection road at the end of the year

Stating that they have made a great progress in the works on the main road that will connect the 1st Development Zone to the existing OIZ, President Küpeli said, “One of our most important investments in our Organized Industrial Zone is the construction works of the connection road between the existing OIZ and the 1st Development Zone. We made a great progress in the construction of this road, which is 2019 kilometers long and 5,5 meters wide, in which we hit the first excavation in 40. Excavation and excavation work continues in many points of this road, even during this epidemic period. We will start the work of laying our other infrastructure systems, which will soon pass under the road. Then we will complete the road by doing all the superstructure works and asphalt of the road. "If there is no unexpected development, I hope we aim to open this very important road to vehicle traffic towards the end of the year."

Life Park and School Construction Continues at Full Speed

President Küpeli said the following about the construction of the "Private EOSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School" built by Eskişehir OSB and the ongoing investment activities in the "Life Park":

“As management, we continue our work within our goals and plans. The construction of the “Private EOSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School” main campus, which has been a dream for many years and which we realized in 2019, continues at full speed. We plan to raise our school, which consists of 30 classrooms, a gym, a conference hall, a library, workshops, exhibition space, laboratories, a cafeteria and consists of a total of 26 thousand square meters for the new education season. Contractor companies continue their construction works without interruption. When it is finished, Eskişehir Industry will have its own vocational high school, which it has longed for years. Another project in which the work continues is our Life Park investment. OSB is not just a region of factories. We spend most of today in the organized industrial zone. In this context, we completed the foundation of our “Life Park” in 2019, by signing an exemplary study in order to overcome our social deficiencies. Our Life Park project, consisting of 150 thousand square meters, contains many social reinforcement areas. Projects and investments are progressing rapidly. The construction of the trade center is about to be completed. The fitness center and nursery construction is also ongoing. We have recently laid the foundation of our multi-purpose hall. We will also lay the foundation of our sports facilities soon. As departments and infrastructure works are completed, we will make these departments available to our industrialists and employees over time. ”

We are working to facilitate the work of our industrialists

President Küpeli stated that their aim is to facilitate the works of industrial organizations and investors in all of their works and said, “As management, we are always with our industrialists. We continue on our way to development and prosperity, believing that we have no other way than production, increasing the value given to production and the manufacturer, and facilitating their work. In order to enable our industrial organizations to carry out their activities within the OIZ in a comfortable environment and without any problems, we are continuing our work without interruption even during this epidemic period. ”

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