The Effects of Covid-19 on Istanbul Traffic Are Being Investigated

Investigating the effects of covid on Istanbul traffic
Investigating the effects of covid on Istanbul traffic

A survey was launched to determine the effects of the pandemic process on passenger behavior and Istanbul traffic. The study will also be used to determine new norms and analyze passenger behavior after the outbreak.

Istanbul Commerce University Transportation Systems Application and Research Center started a study to determine the effects of Covid-19 outbreak on passenger behavior and transportation systems. The center prepared a survey form and opened it to the public.

With the study, the effect of the epidemic that affects the daily normal lives of people on Istanbul traffic will be determined. In addition, this study will be used to identify new norms after the outbreak and to analyze changes in passenger behavior.

The survey consists of four sections and 32 questions

The survey, which aims to measure and analyze passenger behavior that has changed with Covid-19, consists of 4 parts and 32 questions. In the first part, socio-economic indicators; In the second part, transportation behaviors before Covid-19; in the third part, covid-19 time transport behavior and working status; The fourth section includes questions about controlled normal life-time transport behaviors and working conditions after Covid-19. In addition, at the end of the fourth part, there are questions that evaluate the new behaviors and reactions of individuals.

Istanbul Provincial Traffic Science Board will decide how long the survey will be on air.

surveys Questions can be answered by accessing the internet address.



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