Turkey Completes First Period of the Struggle Against Coronavirus

I completed my first term in the fight against turkey coronavirus
I completed my first term in the fight against turkey coronavirus

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca made statements at the press conference held after the Coronavinus Scientific Committee Meeting held in Bilkent Campus with video conference.

In his speech, the outbreak period, 83 million with the support of "health army" is too great a distance, underlining that takes Husband, "Our Turkey has completed the first period in the fight against coronavirus," he said.

Turkey coronavirus table evaluating husband, "The number of patients recovered As of yesterday, it has increased 73 thousand 285. The difference between the number of recovered cases and the total number of cases is decreasing. There was another important development in the current week. For the first time this week, the number of healed patients exceeded our current number of coronavirus patients. The results I have stated, the success in diagnosis and treatment are evidences that we control the epidemic. ”

“Your home continues to be the safest environment against the virus”

Health Minister Koca is currently; Emphasizing that in the second period of the fight against coronavirus, the first days of the new period, he said that success in this second period is again dependent on some conditions, taking measures and adhering to the measures is a guarantee of success.

Pointing out that all of the people carrying the virus are under isolation in hospitals or at home, Koca said, “The epidemic has been taken under control, but the facts about the virus have not changed. Your home still remains the safest environment against the virus. This fact, of course, does not mean giving up the freedom we have gained by fighting the virus. We will be free but controlled ”.

That the outbreak in Turkey brought under control in the present circumstances, the husband stating there would be more concrete predictions for June compared to May, "Risk assets will continue for a longer time. The idea of ​​returning to normal life in the sense of before 2020 is found wrong all over the world. Although the expression 'return to normal' has been used up to now, we do not actually return to normal, we are forming the 'normals of new life'. The normal of this life will be different than before. I think this is the main idea that will constitute the basis for all new developments. ”

Controlled Social Life

Expressing that the target in the second period of the fight against coronavirus is to eliminate the opportunities in front of the disease and rearrange life, Koca continued his words as follows:

“This name that will give an idea for our struggle is 'Controlled Social Life'. In the coming days, we will go out of our homes more often. In the fight against the virus, this new situation should have rules and precautions. It is a new way of life for all the areas we are together. We move on to a free but cautious lifestyle. There are two basic rules in controlled social life. First, if we need to go out, we will use a mask, and second, we will adjust the social distance. ”

Mobile Application

Noting that they see the mobile application developed by the Ministry as one of the most important needs of the controlled social life period, Koca said, “With this application, you can see how risky situation you may encounter in your environment or where you want to go and take immediate action. The application reached 5 million 600 thousand users on the first day of its implementation, ”he said.

Number of Tests Will Increase

Minister Koca said, “We will be more careful than before with all our teams and health army. We expect the same thing from you. Our goal is a table where the number of new patients and new deaths is zero. Our goal is success stability, full control against risk, clear result. A life whose constraints are reduced as much as possible. We know we can succeed, ”he said.

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