How will the working system of barbers and hairdressers be?

How will the working system of barbers and hairdressers be
How will the working system of barbers and hairdressers be

Ongoing worldwide and physical contact, respiration, etc. In order to manage the risk of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, which increases the number of people infected by being transmitted very quickly by means of public health, in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Scientific Committee and the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, , hairdresser, etc. The activities of the workplaces were temporarily suspended as of 21.03.2020 at 18.00.

In line with the positive developments recorded at the point reached and the recommendations of the Scientific Board, barber, hairdresser, beauty salon / center etc. Measures to restrict the activities of the workplaces were evaluated in the Presidential Cabinet gathered under the Presidency on Monday, 04.05.2020, barber, beauty salon / center, hairdresser, etc. It has been decided that the workplaces will be operational on 11.05.2020, provided that the rules determined by considering the effects of the coronavirus epidemic are followed.

As of 11.05.2020 barber, beauty salon / center, hairdresser, etc. In order for the workplaces to start / continue their activities, the following ministries have been determined by the relevant Ministries in line with the recommendations of the Scientific Committee.

1) These businesses will be able to operate between 09.00-21.00.

2) In these workplaces, service delivery to customers will be essential.

3) These workplaces will not be able to accept customers in two seats side by side at the same time, they will certainly be able to serve with one seat full and one seat empty.

4) Considering that there may be a delay in appointments or a delay in service, maximum one customer will be allowed to wait in the workplace.

5) No customer will be accepted into the workplace other than the specified criteria. However, customers who come without an appointment according to the weather conditions will be able to wait outside the workplace and on condition that they comply with the social distance rules and wear masks. They will post the maximum number of customers that will be accepted into these workplaces, which will be served and waiting, to the entrance of the workplace in a way that everyone can see.

6) Employees in the workplace will definitely use a mask. Customers will use masks during the process, but can remove the mask according to the nature of the process.

7) Before starting the process for the customer, cleaning and disinfection of the floor with all areas where the customer can sit and touch, will be done with the materials, and this cleaning process will be repeated after each process.

8) Before starting the process for the customer, the employees will disinfect their hands in a way that the customer can see, or they will use sterile gloves for each customer. If gloves are used, it will be shown to the customer that the gloves are changed.

9) All materials used during the service delivery to the customer will be cleaned, disinfected / sterilized before starting service delivery. This process will be repeated for each customer.

10) Haircut, washing, dyeing etc. Materials such as towels, aprons used during the services will be disposable materials or it will be ensured that there are separate materials for each customer (personalized towels, aprons, etc.). The materials used for the customer receiving the service will not be used in any other customer without the necessary sterilization. If they want their own personal towel, comb etc. The customers will be informed about the fact that they can bring their materials with them.

11) Beard shaving service with razors / razor will not be provided temporarily in barbers, but beard shaving can be done by machine shortening.

12) Skin care, make-up and permanent make-up services will not be provided temporarily at women's hairdressers and beauty centers, and other activities can be continued.

13) The use of the 'Nape Brush' used to temporarily clean the hair and equipment used in the face and head area during the haircut (due to the difficulties in disinfecting the said material and contact with too many places / surfaces) will be stopped temporarily.

14) Temporary continuity of catering in these establishments will not be allowed.

In this context, 81 provincial governorships,

Barber, beauty salon / center, hairdresser, etc. Taking the necessary decisions in accordance with the 11th and 2020nd articles of the General Sanitary Law, in order for the workplaces to start their activities on Monday, May 09.00, 27 as of 72 in the framework of the above-mentioned rules,

Due to the restriction of its activities within the scope of the Circular of Interest, the barber, beauty salon / center, hairdresser, etc. that go to other provinces from the places where the workplaces are located. Permission of the owners and employees to enter / exit to our 24 provinces with city entry / exit restrictions (provided that one of the mentioned workplaces showing workplace license, SGK registration document, etc.) without seeking a travel permit document,

In addition, the document showing the workplaces and the provinces as they were exempted from the restriction of temporary curfews of our citizens born in our 18 provinces born after 20 in our 03.04.2020 provinces organized by the Circular dated 6235 and no. on condition that they submit, without a further process, to be considered on leave,

Regarding the imposition of administrative fines for the citizens / workplaces that do not comply with the decisions taken, pursuant to Article 282 of the General Sanitary Law, processing the necessary judicial proceedings within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Penal Code regarding the behaviors that constitute the crime,

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