Golden Touches to Relieve Traffic in Izmir for 4-Day Restriction

Gold touches to ease traffic in daily restrictions in Izmir
Gold touches to ease traffic in daily restrictions in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the accelerated asphalt paving works in the days when the curfew was applied. Soyer also announced that they would ease the traffic by expanding a lane from the shopping center in Gaziemir towards Konak direction.

The same application is made at the mouth of Meles on the way from Altınyol to Alsancak. Municipal teams evaluated the four-day restriction and turned all parts of the city into a construction site.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the asphalting works in many parts of the city during the four days of curfew. Mayor Tunç Soyer, who also received information about the work carried out on Gaziemir Akçay Street despite the hot weather by the İZBETON workers, stated that the curfew prepared a suitable ground for the work of the Metropolitan Municipality. President Soyer said, “That's why my friends perform and work tremendously despite the heat. Asphalt is an extraordinarily hot material. 160 degrees. On the other hand, there is a temperature of up to 40 degrees in İzmir, but as I said, this is a great opportunity. We are doing a very good asphalt work here, "he said.

Additional lane will open

Explaining that they will expand a lane in the direction of Konak in front of the shopping center in order to eliminate the traffic jam in front of the big shopping mall in Gaziemir, Tunç Soyer said: “We said that we will make at least 111 gold touches during the campaign period. This is one of the golden touches that we said during the candidacy period. There is an underpass in front of the shopping center. That caused traffic from behind to get stuck in front of the mall. Our friends are opening an extra lane there. Thus, congestion will not occur and traffic will continue to flow. With this study, the congestion starting from the back of the underpass will be removed. ”

Parking for 332 cars is also available

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality turns the empty area immediately adjacent to the shopping center into a car park. Soyer said, “The main thing is that we have started to manufacture a 332 car parking lot right across the İZBAN station right next to this big shopping mall. The parking lot will provide great relief when completed. We will say 'park, continue' for citizens who use İZBAN and public transportation. We will also greatly ease the congestion of this shopping center. There will also be 40 motorcycle and bicycle parking spaces here. Intensive work continues. These works will ease us and show us how beautiful we actually turn these days into an opportunity. These days, we are also mobilizing. ”

“They do a very hard job”

After his investigations here, President Soyer Karşıyakapassed to. Mayor Soyer visited the workers carrying out approximately 1675 meters of asphalt paving works on 500 streets connecting Tersane Mahallesi to Alaybey Mahallesi. Saying that the workers doing asphalt work are doing a very hard job, President Soyer said, “Our friends who do asphalt work today are doing an incredibly big job. That's why I kiss each of them on the forehead. On the one hand, the heat of the asphalt is the heat of the air. It's hard, but we wanted to do it. Because these times are an opportunity for us. It is not possible to asphalt by closing these roads. Many ways are without alternatives. Therefore, we considered this as an opportunity. A very precious work will emerge. I congratulate all my friends. ”

Uninterrupted transportation to Bird Sanctuary

General Secretary of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. In the program, in which Buğra Gökçe and İZBETON General Manager Heval Savaş Kaya participated, Tunç Soyer also toured the 850 meter long bicycle path that was built in the Meles Delta and will provide an uninterrupted transportation to Sasalı Bird Paradise when completed. Here, another lane will be opened in the direction of Alsancak and the blockage of Altınyol will be prevented in the morning.

Asphalt roads in İzmir

In the works including Gaziemir Akçay Avenue, Sarnıç underpass and AVM junction in the region, a total of 8 kilometers of asphalt work is carried out round-trip. Surrounding Kültürpark in Basmane. A total of 9 kilometers of asphalt work continues, including Mustafa Enver Bey Boulevard, Bozkurt Street, Mürselpaşa participation branches, 7 Eylül Square and Gaziler Street. On the 1675 street, which connects Tersane Mahallesi to Alaybey Mahallesi in Kaşıyaka, approximately 500 meters of asphalt paving works continue. Again, at Eşrefpaşa Street, which connects NATO Interchange and Konak Variant Interchange, in Buca, a 5.4 kilometer-long road will be renewed in double-sided works.

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