Turkey's Foreign Direct Investment Strategy Prepares

Foreign direct investment strategy is preparing turkiyenin
Foreign direct investment strategy is preparing turkiyenin

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, the President announced that they will share with Turkey's Foreign Direct Investment Investment Business Strategy completed soon. Varank said, “We want to proceed quickly with a result and impact oriented strategy.” used the expression.

Stating that Covid-19 tests started in Organized Industrial Zones continue in Ankara and Kocaeli, Varank said, “We want to put this system into operation in all major industrial cities and OIZs.” said.

International Investors Association (YASED) United Webinars participating in the video conference with the Minister Varank, pointed out that given Covidien-19 process in a successful test of Turkey.


Explaining that Turkish industry showed its ability to sustain its production capability and adapt quickly to changes, Varank said, “We did not have any supply shortage in any matter from food to health equipment. Thanks to our strong R&D ecosystem, we were able to produce the most critical need of this period, such as the intensive care respirator, in record time. ” he spoke.


Pointing to the increase in the consumer confidence index this month, Varank stated that the domestic demand is reviving again. Stating that they care about keeping the pulse of the sector, Varank said, “The production front in my recent meetings; He started talking about investment, exports and opportunities in front of our country. We will make our industry more resistant to all kinds of shock. ” said.


Varank warned that it is imperative to comply with the measures at the maximum level in order not to encounter a new wave in the epidemic, “There is no room for complacency. However; It is necessary to take into account the changing global balances and prepare for the new normal in the best way. Your main priority should be to ensure the health of your employees. ” found in the description.


Varank, that the measures prepared guidelines for measures to be taken in the TSE's industrial facilities, recalled, "Here is Turkey, did not occur in this area of ​​the world than the standard, threw a pioneering step. Come as YASED members and get your safe production documents. also your main center, give the message that you have made the production of safe and certified in Turkey. You have even promoted this standard on our behalf in global markets. ” said.


Reminding that they started the Covid-19 tests in OIZs, Varank said, “These tests are done randomly, that is, everyone who works in these regions with or without disease complaints. Tests continue in Ankara and Kocaeli. We encounter about 3 positive cases per thousand. We want to implement this system in all major industrial cities and OIZs. ” used expressions.


Varank, addressing the YASED members, said: You, as ambassadors of Investment must put the image of Turkey in the best way. In the new period, we can be one of the few regional supply and innovation centers in the world. We have an opportunity window that needs to be evaluated. Only in this way; we can reverse the performance we observed in investment inflows in recent years. While ready-made global companies are looking for new centers for them, let's talk about the pros and cons of our country to our interlocutors.

Varank explained that the Foreign Direct Investment Strategy will be shared in the near future with the Presidential Investment Office, “We were especially on the agenda when preparing the New Economy Program. Our rightness has been revealed. The timing was actually very accurate in order to catch the spirit of the new era. With a result and impact-oriented strategy, we want to move quickly. ” said.

Stating that YASED President Ayşem Sargın, the International Investors Association, the environment that gives confidence to investors in order to increase investments and get a higher share from global supply chains after the epidemic of new type of coronavirus, has become even more priority today, “In this context, the Investments Framework Law and Turkey's Investment Strategy and Investment Criteria we think it is important work. " said.

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