Ministers Pekcan, Turkey-Europe Business Council Meets with President of the pandemic Trading Post

Europe is facing pekcan turkey councils after the trade he met another pandemic AnlArIylA
Europe is facing pekcan turkey councils after the trade he met another pandemic AnlArIylA

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan also started meetings with the business council heads abroad, with regional meetings with exporters and trade advisers around the world to demonstrate the effects of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak and to identify roadmaps for solutions.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Commerce, in this context, first as Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) of Turkey-European coordination meeting with video conference with the heads of business councils Pekcan, opinions and listen to suggestions.

Pekcan stated that these discussions are important in these critical days and said, “During this period, we took very important measures together with our Ministry and public institutions and organizations under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We slowly stands together from the effects of the pandemic, with positive measures taken by Turkey differentiated from other countries about health. Hopefully, after the pandemic, we believe that we can show this separation in the field of economy and trade with the acceleration we will show in our trade volume, the economic measures we will take and the road maps we will create together with you. ” used expressions.

Indicating that the effects of the pandemic on the economy in the global sense have not been fully seen yet, Pekcan reminded that the IMF and the World Bank forecasted growth and that the World Trade Organization shared optimistic and pessimistic statements.

Pointing out that on 30 April, the European Central Bank predicted the economic contraction to be 5 to 12 percent in the European region, Pekcan said, “These rates are shared by the World Trade Organization from time to time. The magnitude of both the rates and the scissors in between is a clear indication of how uncertain and unpredictable the people are trying to manage the process. ” found the assessment.

Impact of Kovid-19 on Export

Turkey's begin with the increase in exports by 2020, the first two months, exports 4,1 percent increase reminding Pekcan demand in key export markets, including the EU countries, primarily because of the pandemic contraction and quarantine measures are in last 2 months exports due to the reported decline was seen.

Pekcan, the support of the Ministry and the state, stressed that the business world will enter into a recovery process with strong acceleration in cooperation with exporters.

Europe, Turkey's largest, Turkey is also Europe's 6th largest trading partner which Pekcan that the information that was used the following phrases:

“Our cooperation with Europe has been an important contribution to our quality, keeping our innovation standards to a higher level, and will continue from now on. Europe is also a source of investment for us. The origin of the capital with the support of our European work councils and know-how to be encouraged to invest in Turkey is extremely important. "

Geographical proximity to Europe is a great advantage, and logistics centers are also important in this context. kazanPekcan pointed out that Turkey should rise to the fore with its superiority in quality in its products, its reliable supplier position and early deliveries.

“Contributions of the Business World are Important”

Underlining that updating the Customs Union Agreement with the EU is also very important for them, Pekcan said:

“The European Commission is waiting for power from the Council from December 2016. In December 2019, we met with Phil Hogan, Commissioner for Trade in the EU Commission. In this meeting, they stated that they supported us and that they are continuing their initiatives with the member countries. The exact membership is now beyond both the updating of the European Customs Union Agreement Everybody realizes that the interests of both Turkey. In the current agreement, there is no agriculture, services, e-commerce, public procurements, so it is far from holistic. We carry out the highest level of intergovernmental negotiations, where the support of our business world and their contribution to this process is extremely important. We care about your contributions on this matter. ”

Pekcan stated that they attach great importance to the Brexit process, “Last week we met with British Trade Minister Elizabeth Truss. Our technical working group held the 7th meeting. We agreed with this team to speed up their work. European Commission Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan in our negotiations with Turkey as well as in his work on Britain's Brexit We are also agreed with the European Union to sign a parallel Ste. We also shared these with them. We make an effort to carry out this process in the best way, but it delays our agreement as long as the agreement with the EU remains intact. ” found the assessment.

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