COVID-2020 Precautions for 19 Summer Vacation

we are working for a new certificate for sharp coronavirus-free airports
we are working for a new certificate for sharp coronavirus-free airports

With the coming of summer period after an outbreak of Turkey Covidien-19 it was made necessary work to recovery of the tourism sector. Within these studies gezilecek yerler The capacities of the hotels in the region will be halved. The sun loungers on the beaches will be halved and the social distance rules will also have to be followed. In the entertainment venues in the resorts, the measures will be maximized and the social distance will be maintained primarily. Open buffets in hotels will no longer be used.

In Turkey the field of tourism with the coming of summer, one of the regions most notable Mediterranean region and other tourism the most appropriate media began to prepare for taking measures in the paradise of Covidien-19 outbreak those who want to do after the holidays. After various meetings held by the government and the Ministry of Tourism, a certain road map for tourism was drawn.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it was asked to close the open buffets in the hotels and to continue in that way by filling the hotels in half. Due to the epidemic, not only hotels but also businesses such as entertainment centers and restaurants will need to take up to half the capacity of their customers. For the customers logging in the enterprises, they will have to have different options such as the use of special masks and examination rooms. In addition, the number of health personnel is expected to be expanded and provided 7/24.

Places to visit after the COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to the epidemic, both due to the fact that hotels work at half capacity and people stay away from crowds, gezilecek yerler they need to do a good research. Especially Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean region and tourism paradise, Places to visit in Antalya and it is one of the places where there is the most density in hotels to be holidayed. Therefore Places to visit in Antalya You will be able to see many natural and historical buildings as well as hotels to stay in. Those who want to get away from the crowd and have a calmer holiday now Antalya to visit places They are looking for special areas to set up tents in the Antalya region. Especially because of the virus, people are expected to turn to more nature. So before going on vacation gezilecek yerler Make a good decision on the subject and make sure it is a quieter place.

Places to Visit in Antalya

Corona virus outbreak Due to various precautions, hotels were allowed to work at half capacity. Thus, we find the opportunity to both protect our health and have a holiday by protecting the social distance. But before you go on vacation, if you want to have a holiday in the Mediterranean region, Places to visit in Antalya You can decide which places are suitable for you by looking at the region. Being calm and intertwined with nature gezilecek yerler it's easy to find. In addition to Antalya tourism paradise gezilecek yerler and it is known as a tourism paradise because it is intertwined with nature. Therefore, Antalya, the heat and sand of the Mediterranean region, its nature and history Places to visit with ranks first among.

Measures Taken During the Holidays of 19 due to the COVID-2020 Outbreak

  • Social distance will be preserved by limiting sun beds
  • Buffets will be closed
  • Entertainment venues restaurants will work at half capacity
  • Hotels will provide healthcare services 7/24 by increasing the number of healthcare workers
  • Person limitation was introduced to the boat tour
  • Flight bans will be gradually removed
  • Intercity travel will start at the end of May

With these measures, we can see that 2020 Tourism started slowly. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to social distance and gezilecek yerler crowd should be avoided by determining in advance. Even if you are on holiday, you can go to the Antalya region, which is a holiday region intertwined with nature, if possible by following the social distance. Places to visit in Antalya it is possible to find everything between history, sun, sand and sea. In addition to being in touch with nature, Antalya hides very special historical cities and masterpieces that will shed light on history.

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