Solution In The Post-Pandemic Economy Is Not Isolation, Cooperation

Cooperation, not isolation, in the economy after the pandemic
Cooperation, not isolation, in the economy after the pandemic

The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), representing the Muslim youth in the world and which is a member of 56 countries, hosts important names in Special Talks Edition Talks. The guest of Special Edition Talks this week was D-8 Secretary General Ambassador Dato Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari.

D-8 Secretary General Ambassador Dato Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari spoke about an economic order to isolate them while speaking about the question of “New Normal” in the post-coronavirus world, and in a special session that seeks to answer the question of whether the world will turn towards an economic fragmentation or stronger cooperation. Underlining that the epidemic is the problem of all humanity in this period, he said that humanity can only deal with this problem with the understanding and solidarity of "one of us all, all of us".

“Most of us are changing our behavior. The way we do anything and our point of view is changing, ”said Ku Jaafar, underlining that the methods of production, how they work together and trade will completely change. Speaking about the “New Normal”, the secretary-general said that it is not a solution for the countries to isolate themselves, adding that it is important to end trade wars and turn towards more cooperation in such a period.

D-8 Health Ministers meeting in June

Giving information about the activities carried out within the scope of the Health and Social Protection Program established last year within the body of D-8, the general secretary said that the Ministers of Health of the member countries will come together in an online meeting in June.

'Solidarity Fund' within D-8

D-a 'Solidarity Fund within 8' Ku Jaafar said the studies conducted for the creation, highlighting the importance of the member countries in this period to support each other, he gave the example of Turkey. Turkey's reminiscent of the D-8 member countries to help the Ku Jaafar Bangladesh and Nigeria, the country of necessary and sufficient medical equipment and said they are conducting studies to make sure they have the respirator. The secretary general also shared information that they were working on the production of a breathing apparatus within the D-8. In addition, the D-8 General Secretariat is preparing to organize an online aid event to increase solidarity within the framework of the efforts carried out against the coronavirus.

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