Asphalt Work Continues in Tram Transitions in Eskişehir

Asphalt work continues at tram nights in Eskisehir
Asphalt work continues at tram nights in Eskisehir

Implementing the Corona Virus Action Plan with determination, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the other hand while meeting the needs of citizens through the Crisis Desk during the days of curfew. In this context, while hot asphalt works, which started 2 weeks ago at tram level crossings, were carried out at 7 different points, the teams also continued asphalt maintenance and renovation works on streets and boulevards.

Metropolitan Municipality, which wanted to carry out the planned works faster by turning the crisis into an opportunity, continued to work on hot asphalt at the tram level crossings and junctions that it started 2 weeks ago. Work has been completed at 7 different locations where ESTRAM and Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams work in coordination.

Dr. Sadık Ahmet Avenue, Faculty of Pharmacy, Salih Bozok Avenue, Sakarya 1 Avenue, Iki Eylül Avenue, Intercity Bus Terminal and Dr. At Yılmaz Büyükerşen Bulvarı Espark Junction, the teams that removed deformed stones at the intersection of the tramway roads and the traffic flow, completed the hot asphalt works and made the roads ready. Stating that the works have been going on for 2 weeks to ensure the comfortable passage of vehicles, the authorities underlined that the works have been completed in 23 points in total.

“We are Proud of the Works of Our Municipalities!”

CHP Eskişehir Deputy Jale Nur Süllü, who examined the work of the municipal teams in the curfew, visited the asphalt plant production center and the teams carrying out hot asphalt work. Jale Nur Süllü, who combines social municipality understanding with crisis municipality and works with devotion at the service point of Eskişehir residents, stated that they are proud and said, “All our mayors, especially our dear teacher, manage this process very well. I thank them on behalf of all our fellow citizens. We wanted to convey our wishes for an easy visit by visiting our teams that turned the curfew into an opportunity and carried out hot asphalt work on days when traffic did not work. In addition, the Crisis Desk of our Metropolitan Municipality works in coordination with the field teams and provides basic needs such as Halk Ekmek, Halk Süt and Halk Eggs to our citizens in a short time. We are proud of our municipalities that best manage the crisis! ” said. Süllü also visited the Halk Bread Factory and received information about production and distribution.

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