Applications for Contracted Teachers Starts Tomorrow

Applications for contracted teacher staff start tomorrow
Applications for contracted teacher staff start tomorrow

📩 04/01/2023 09:19

Pre-application and oral exam center preferences for contract teaching are available electronically from tomorrow until June 12.”Will be taken from.

Pre-application and oral examination center preferences will be received from tomorrow until June 19 for the teachers of 910 thousand 12 contracts. Exam centers where candidates will be taken to the oral exam will be announced on 22 June. Oral exams will be held on 6-25 July. The oral exam results will be announced on July 28.

In this context, objections to the results will be received on August 4-7. The results of these objections will be announced on August 10.

Appointment preferences will be received on August 28-31, and the results of the appointment will be announced on September 1.

Teacher Appointment in 60 Areas

Teacher assignments will be made in 60 areas. Applications for appointment will have a base score of 50.

In this context, primary school teacher ranks first among the 10 branches to be appointed the most. 2 thousand 831 assignments will be made from the classroom teacher. 1801 from the field of religious culture and moral knowledge, 1739 from English, 1701 from elementary mathematics, 1518 from pre-primary education, 1373 from guidance, 1300 from Turkish, 1118 from special education, and 1026 from science.

Applications will be received from the Physical Education branch for the appointment of 810 teachers in June. 900 of the total 90 quotas allocated for this area will be used for the appointment of the national athletes to be made later.

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