Another 7 Drugs, 4 of which are Used in the Treatment of Cancer and 11 for MS, have been Included in the Reimbursement List

medicine used in the treatment of cancer u ms has been added to the list of replays
medicine used in the treatment of cancer u ms has been added to the list of replays

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that 7 other medicines were included in the reimbursement list, 4 for cancer and 11 for MS treatment.

“The Number of Drugs Reimbursed with the New SUT Reached 8.603”

Stating that new regulations regarding the Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT) have been published on the website of the Social Security Institution (SGK), Minister Selçuk said, “With the arrangement we made in SUT; We have included 4 other drugs in the reimbursement list for use in the treatment of 2 breast cancers, 4 hematological cancers, 1 multiple sclerosis (MS) and 11 leukemia. In this way, the number of reimbursed drugs reached 8.603. ” said.

The Number of Drugs in the “International Drug Price List” Reached 373 ”

With the new arrangement made in SUT; 370 new drugs, two of which are cancer, were added to the “Overseas Drug Price List”, which currently includes 3 drugs, and was made available to patients. Thus, the number of drugs in the payment list reached 373.

In the statement made, it was stated that necessary measures were taken by taking into consideration the recommendations of WHO within the scope of combating COVID-19.

Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said, “As part of the fight against coronavirus, we take measures in many areas with our stakeholders. We continue to implement regulations that support our insured and healthcare providers. ” used expressions.

In this context, COVID-19 diagnostic tests, which can be invoiced together with the health services provided by the health service providers, are defined in the additional communiqué. New process codes for antigen test, antibody test, PCR test and isolation test were determined.

In addition, the new process code, called “viral inactivation process”, was included in the immune plasma treatment. Thus, the infections in the plasma were eliminated and the success of the treatment was contributed.

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