With the Suspended Invoice Application of İmamoğlu, 7 thousand 16 bills were paid in 100 hours

Thousand bills were paid per hour with the suspended application of
Thousand bills were paid per hour with the suspended application of

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu shared the first data on the “pending invoice” application from his social media accounts. According to the data announced by Imamoglu, in the first 7 hours of the application, more than 16 million liras of 100 thousand 2 families in need were paid by philanthropists.

The "suspended invoice" application launched by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu on Monday, 4 May started the process of "receiving a suspended invoice". Imamoglu, from their social media accounts, announced that 16 thousand 100 families' bills were paid by philanthropists in the first seven hours. The total amount of invoices paid is 2 million 73 thousand 580 liras. İmamoğlu, who shared the first data saying “Istanbul does not see the hand that takes the hand, and Istanbul is signing a very beautiful solidarity,” said, “Nobody will be in trouble in this city, we are and we are always together.”

A New Step

Imamoglu said, “We are taking a new step in the“ Suspended Invoice ”application, saying:“ In Istanbul, millions of people who earn their lives with daily income have been unable to work for almost 2 months. They cannot bring bread to their home. Life is getting harder day by day. This table shows us that we need to strengthen solidarity even more. As İBB, we continue to provide food aid, shopping card assistance and cash support to tens of thousands of families every day. However, life is not limited to this. Citizens also have invoices that cannot be paid due to loss of income. Due to the pandemic process, water bill payments were postponed in Istanbul for 3 months. However, after 3 months, these invoices will be paid together with the existing invoices. In other words, as an accumulated debt, it will force those in need. Unfortunately, it was not possible to postpone the bill legally in natural gas. As IMM, we are taking another step to increase solidarity with the families in need during these difficult days. In this process, many of our citizens contact us with a sense of solidarity and share their desire to support our economically difficult citizens. They ask, "What can I do?"

Now, we bring together those who need difficulties to pay their monthly bills and our charitable citizens who want to meet these needs on their behalf. ”

What is Suspended Invoice Application?

The “hanging invoice” application implemented by IMM aims to bring families in need and philanthropists together in these difficult days. https://askidafatura.ibb.gov.tr The needy families approved by IMM leave their bills that they have difficulty in paying. Everyone who can access from the same address also contributes to solidarity by paying what they want from the invoices left to this system. Thus, a solidarity is developed in which the giving hand does not see the hand and the families in need are somewhat relieved.

Who Can Leave Suspension Invoice?

Only those who have been approved by the IMM for social assistance can leave the bill. Those who have not requested social assistance before https://sosinc.ibb.gov.tr  He can initiate this process by making a request at. IMM concludes social aid reviews very quickly and approves those in need. The invoices to be suspended must belong to those who are approved as in need.

Who Can Receive Invoice From Hanger?

Anyone who gives a budget can show solidarity with a needy by receiving invoices on the same system.



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