4 Pre-Turkey Day Restriction Peace Trust Application Done

Restriction of daily pre confidence turkey was done to implement peace
Restriction of daily pre confidence turkey was done to implement peace

Içiii Ministry General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command units of the country in general in Turkey Confidence Peace application simultaneously was held May 21 08.00-24.00 hours.

In practice, before the 4-day curfew restriction to be applied during the Eid al-Fitr; Measures taken to combat the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) were inspected.

During the audits, it was checked whether the workplaces that were closed indefinitely complied with the decision, and whether the workplaces, whose working hours were rearranged, served at specified times.

During the audits, it was checked whether citizens waiting inside and outside the queues at workplaces such as street markets, bakeries, petrol stations were obliged to wear social distances and masks, and markets adhere to the rules of customer acceptance, with 10 person per 1m².

Whether our citizens under the age of 20 and those aged 65 and over, who are subject to curfew, comply with the decision was checked.

53 thousand 896 personnel participated in the application

8 thousand 392 personnel and 53 detector dogs participated in the application, which was carried out at 896 thousand 217 points. In the practice carried out simultaneously throughout the country, 743 wanted people were identified from the interrogated persons, 31 were detained.

Judicial and Administrative Procedures Applied to 3 thousand 930 Persons Not Conforming to Social Distance

Administrative and judicial proceedings were applied to a total of 2 individuals, including 260 from the violation of the social distance rule, 20 under the age of 1.384, and 65 over the age of 286 and over. 3 thousand 930 vehicles were checked, 159 thousand 694 vehicle owners / drivers were given administrative fines.

In practice, 1.396 vehicles were banned from traffic, 5 stolen vehicles were detected, and 43 drivers were withdrawn.

10 thousand 254 park-gardens, 4 thousand 938 promenade-walking areas and 103 thousand 785 workplaces were inspected.
Administrative and judicial fines were imposed on a total of 17 workplaces, 18 violating the indefinite closure rule, 115 operating outside the specified working hours, and 150 non-applying social distance rule.

In addition, 5 unlicensed guns, 25 unlicensed shotguns, 2 blank pistols, 254 bullets, 4 cutting / piercing tools, 5 pistol magazines and various parts, 23 g cannabis, 4 g heroin, 101 g bonzai, 23 g methamphetamine, 25 captagons, 101 synthetic drugs, 15.850 packs of fugitive cigarettes and 30 liters of fugitive / fake drinks were seized.

Günceleme: 22/05/2020 13:29

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