19 Students Will Participate in Covid-300 Intern Researcher Scholarship Program

Student will participate in covid scholarship researcher scholarship program
Student will participate in covid scholarship researcher scholarship program

The evaluation process of the Trainee Investigator Scholarship Program (STAR) announced by TÜBİTAK to encourage researchers to take part in the projects for the diagnosis and treatment of the global epidemic Covid-19 has been completed.

340 out of 300 applications to the program are eligible for support. kazanwas. 118 of the applicants were undergraduate, 85 graduate, 70 doctoral students and 27 post-doctoral researchers. Announcing the completion of the evaluation process, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said, “We trust our researchers. We will meet your every need in the best way possible. There are no obstacles in front of you, and there will never be any more. We are determined to succeed together against this global threat. On the way to the 'National Technology Move', we will continue on our way with sure steps with the strength we get from you.” said.


Last month, the STAR program was called by TÜBİTAK to encourage and support young researchers who will take part in projects for diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19. Applications to the program started on April 8 and ended on April 20. Students and researchers who wanted to take part in R&D projects that are still supported by public institutions for combating coronavirus and who have been accepted by the executives of these related projects showed great interest in the program.


The evaluation processes of the applications made to the STAR scholarship program have been completed. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology; 12 students and researchers applied to the STAR program with 70 different projects in 340 days. 19 researchers, including 118 undergraduate, 85 graduate, 70 doctoral students and 27 post-doctoral students, who want to work in R&D projects aimed at combating Covid-300, are entitled to receive support. kazanwas. 300 of the 209 STAR scholars were female researchers.


According to the Ministry's statement; Within the scope of the fight against Covid-19, applicants are working to take part in projects on new generation disinfectants, protective clothing, diagnostic kits, devices used in intensive care units, equipment for improving environmental conditions, medicine, vaccine, and information applications that may affect the direct or indirect consequences of the epidemic. evaluation processes of the students have been completed. Monthly scholarships up to 750 TL for undergraduate students, 3 thousand for graduate students, 4 thousand 500 for doctoral students, and 6 thousand TL for post-doctoral researchers will be provided.


Announcing that the evaluation process of the applications made to the Trainee Scholarship Scholarship Program has been completed, Minister Varank said, “I want to share a nice development with you. Last month, we held a virtual conference about Covid-19. We listened to the researches led by TÜBİTAK in the field of vaccine and drug development from our valuable teachers who carried out this work personally. During the conference, many messages were received from young researchers and students about their wish to participate in these studies. Of course, we were not indifferent to these demands. We took action and designed a new scholarship program. ” made the explanation.


Noting that they trust the researchers, Minister Varank said: “I would like to express this heartily once again: We trust all our researchers. We will meet all kinds of needs in the best way. There are no obstacles before you, and it will never happen after that. We are determined to achieve this global threat together. We will continue on our way to the 'National Technology Move' with confident steps with the power we have received from you. ” he spoke.

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