18 Hydroelectric Power Plants Commissioned in 587 Years

hydroelectric power plant was put into service annually
hydroelectric power plant was put into service annually

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, hydroelectric energy in Turkey, noting electricity is insurance, "this area in the last 18 years, State Water Works (DSI) General Directorate signed under the big jobs. With the opportunity to invest in this area in the private sector, DSI and the private sector have completed 18 HEPP projects in our country in 587 years. ” said.

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Pakdemirli, informed that these 587 hydroelectric power plants (HEPPs) produced 233 billion liras. Minister Pakdemirli gave the following information in his statement;

“With the 587 billion kWh electricity produced with 895 HPPs put into service, 233 billion TL has been contributed to the country's economy so far. Our production potential has increased from 44 billion kWh to 102,1 billion kWh. We are rapidly deploying domestic resources to reduce energy dependency. Our country, which has these advantages in terms of water resources, is unfortunately not yet at the level to be reached in terms of evaluating these resources. However, we are determined to use this resource effectively. The average annual energy production potential of 18 HEPPs in the last 587 years has been 57,1 billion kWh and 895 billion kWh of electricity has been produced from these facilities until today. ”


Minister Pakdemirli stated that HEPPs are very important in terms of ensuring that the rapidly increasing energy demand of our developing country is met in a timely, clean and renewable manner. increased its energy potential by 80 percent or even 100 percent. Therefore, we continue our work in this area at full speed. ”

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