140 Thousand Masks from Izmir Metropolitan to District Municipalities

One thousand masks from Izmir Buyuksehir to district municipalities
One thousand masks from Izmir Buyuksehir to district municipalities

📩 20/05/2020 17:23

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided to provide emergency mask support to the district municipalities after the use of masks by the İzmir Public Hygiene Board made it mandatory throughout the province. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has distributed 2,5 million masks to citizens until now, will send 140 thousand masks to the district municipalities until the holiday.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality acted upon the fact that the Provincial General Hygiene Board in Izmir made it necessary to use masks in 30 districts throughout the city. Metropolitan Municipality will send 30 thousand masks to 140 district municipalities to be distributed to citizens until the holiday.

Metropolitan Municipality, Karabağlar, Buca, Konak, 10 thousand each Karşıyaka, Bornova, Bayraklı will send 60 thousand masks to the municipalities of Çiğli and Gaziemir, a total of 7 thousand to each of the municipalities, and 500 thousand to each of them, and a total of 15 thousand to the municipalities of Narlıdere, Balçova and Güzelbahçe. A total of 5 thousand masks will be delivered to 15 district municipalities outside the center. District municipalities, on the other hand, will distribute masks in markets and in places where citizens are concentrated.

Where are the maskemics?

Citizens living in the center of Izmir are masked at 17 metro stations and Karşıyaka, Bostanlı, Konak can be accessed from Maskematics on the ferry piers and mobile Maskematics, located in the park next to the Şirinyer İZBAN station in Buca. By showing the Izmirim card, Izmir residents can get it from the package containing five masks.

2,5 million masks distributed

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to produce masks in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. The number of masks distributed by the local services units in the districts and outlying centers has been 2,5 million, which was implemented to facilitate citizens' access to the mask.

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