117 Thousand Masks Distributed in a Day from the Mask

a thousand masks were distributed in one day
a thousand masks were distributed in one day

The maskematic application of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made it easier for citizens to access the medical mask for free. From Monday, May 19, 4 thousand 117 masks were distributed among the masculinists at 330 points.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started at two metro stations on April 17 and then started with all metro stations as of April 30. Karşıyaka and mascemats placed on Bostanlı ferry ports were almost a savior for the citizens. After the three-day curfew between May 1-3, 4 thousand 117 masks were taken from the masculine on Monday, May 330.

Getting Contactless

Nowadays, when there is a great need for a medical mask because of the fact that the coronavirus reduces the risk of transmission and it is mandatory to use it in public spaces, an average of 19 thousand masks are distributed free of charge per day from the masmathists at 100 points. The number of medical masks that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has distributed free of charge since 30 March has exceeded 2 million. Currently, Metropolitan personnel and Tradesmen trainees produce 60 masks per day. Five packs of masks can be taken once a week without any contact by reading İzmirimKart.

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