1 Good News for Those Participating in 3 Million Software Developer Project

Internet for those who participate in the million software projects every month
Internet for those who participate in the million software projects every month

Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak shared a video message from her Twitter account due to the 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.

Minister Albayrak stated that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk went to Samsun and celebrated the 101st anniversary of the national fight's mark flare, and emphasized that 19 May's historical response to the Turkish nation's will, freedom and homeland was the first day of the historical struggle.

Stating that young people are the people who will keep this spirit, belief and fire of liberty alive at all times, Minister Albayrak said, “We are entering a world process where consumption habits, global trade and general acceptance in the economy are changing. With our strong economic infrastructure, our business world that can adapt rapidly to global developments, and above all, with our young educated human resources, we will be at the top of the countries that shine the stars after COVID-19.

We need to be well prepared to enter the new period in the most prepared way. We have implemented our '1 Million Software Developer' project, which will provide development and career opportunities for you. So far, 440 thousand 427 friends are actively using this platform. 234 thousand 800 friends filled their knowledge to take advantage of employment opportunities after the training. ”

6 GB Internet

Stating that he wants to give 3 small news to the young people who will benefit from this platform, Minister Albayrak said: “First, we will give an additional 1 GB of internet quota to each user who participates in our '6 Million Software Developer' project and gets training from our portal. We have developed a new login screen for our young people who cannot obtain another e-government password or cannot use the platform because they are under the age of 15. The last one is, we start live sessions with our teachers to ask questions that you get stuck in during your training and to take advantage of their experience. Yes, besides this, we will soon announce our new projects that will contribute to our value-added and export-oriented production targets that will strengthen our competition with the world. Do you gençlerimizs Turkey, which will clarify our ideal of the great and powerful country. "(T24)

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