1 Billion Euro Environment and Infrastructure Project from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

billion euro environmental and infrastructure project from the ministry of environment and city
billion euro environmental and infrastructure project from the ministry of environment and city

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum reported that 25 projects out of 1 projects with an investment of about 48 billion euros, which will be implemented in 30 provinces, have been completed within the scope of the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

The institution stated that they have implemented 25 environmental infrastructure projects in 30 cities as part of the completed European Union IPA program, and that they will realize 2 environmental infrastructure projects and 18 technical support projects within the scope of the IPA-15 program.

"In this way, our environmental projects with a total investment amount of more than 1 billion Euros will provide complete environmental and infrastructure services such as drinking water supply, waste water treatment and solid waste disposal for 48 million citizens." Minister Institution, said that they use domestic and foreign resources effectively to strengthen the infrastructure of cities and increase environmental investments.

Murat Kurum noted: “We see the environment and nature as a trust. We handle all of our investments and projects with an approach prioritizing the environment, and act accordingly. We will continue to support and support our local administrations in every project, investment, and project. ”


The Ministry has completed the IPA-1 process that it has implemented within the scope of the European Union IPA program.

For the IPA-2007 period, which covers the 2013-2017 programming years and is completed by the end of 1, the Ministry has invested 600m euros, of which approximately 704 million are EU grants.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has launched a total of 25 environmental infrastructure investment projects in the fields of drinking water, wastewater and solid waste management in 30 different cities. Approximately 9 million citizens benefit from these projects.

Work has also started for the IPA-2014 period, which covers the 2020-2026 programming years and will be completed by the end of 2. The total value of the investment to be made within the scope of the IPA-2 period will be 335 million Euros.

With the environmental infrastructure projects to be implemented in the IPA-2 period, the Ministry will provide services to approximately 3,2 million people.

In this context, Iğdır, Rize, Bismil, Çankırı, Çarşamba, Doğubayazıt, Şırnak, Sorgun, Niksar, Elbistan and Giresun wastewater projects, Kastamonu and Yüksekova Wastewater Treatment Plant Project, Sivas Kızılırmak Right and Left Coastline Wastewater Collector Project, Trabzon and Bandırma Integrated 18 environmental infrastructure projects, including the Water Project, Hakkari and KASMİB Solid Waste Project, will be implemented.

Of the 18 projects in question, the implementation phase was initiated in 8 of them: Bandırma, Bismil, Elbistan, Hakkari, Kastamonu, Niksar, Şırnak and Trabzon.


Within the scope of the IPA-2 program, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has also taken action for 15 technical support projects on compliance with EU environmental and climate legislation, climate change, air quality, waste management, biodiversity and water management.

The implementation phase of 72 of the 15 technical support projects, with a total cost of about 8 million Euros, was started.

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